We’re thanking our lucky stars Jono will still play a DJ set for us! Till then, get well soon Gab.

Dear Popspoken readers, we have just received a latest update on a change in the Laneway lineup.

For the avoidance of doubt, we are quoting directly from the source:

[25th January 2014] Due to an unfortunate injury, lead vocalist and guitarist Gabriel Winterfield of Jagwar Ma will not be making an appearance at Laneway Festival Singapore 2014. The organiser has been informed that Gabriel’s doctor has advised him to rest and not take the long-haul flight here, owing to a torn cruciate ligament.
The band and the festival organiser apologise for the disappointment, but fans can sIll look forward to seeing

Jono Ma of the Australian psychedelic/dance group. Jono will take over the live show segment, and go behind the decks to do a DJ set. This is going to be a special treat because it is not something he is oRen seen doing, so we are equally excited. We would like fans to continue to show their support for Jono and the band, while wishing Gabriel a speedy recovery.

Laneway Festival Co-founder Danny Rogers assured festival-goers that Laneway Festival Singapore 2014 will continue to be a great show, nonetheless: “To our Singapore fans, sorry for this inconvenience; we hope Gabriel will make a healthy, speedy recovery. I also want to thank Jono for offering to DJ as a replacement. I’ve seen him behind the decks, and you can definitely expect a laser- coloured melody of epic proportions.”

Rest assured fellow Jagwar Ma fans, Laneway will endeavour to schedule a  show just for the duo in Singapore at a later date!

Do remember to strap on your wrist tags and load up on the SPF, it’s going to be fantastic day at The Meadow. See you folks there!

Laneway Festival Singapore 2014
The Meadow, Gardens By the Bay
Saturday, 25 January 2014

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 Images courtesy of Chugg Entertainment & Laneway Festival Singapore