It was a classy evening at Homeclub with boy-girl noise punk duo Carb on Carb, garage pop band Bee Eyes, and self proclaimed purveyor of “slacker rock” Mac DeMarco.

Classy in the way you decide to get publicly trashed with a bottle of the finest convenience store wine instead of the usual consecutive double fisting of beers. A cause for celebration – a toast to the more refined arts, a painstakingly curated aural soundscape designed to challenge your perceptions of the social construct known as a “live show”.  A subtle homage to the concept known as “fun” and a social experiment involving the effects of a substance known as “booze”. A rock n’ roll show.


Hailing from New Zealand, Carb on Carb proves that it isn’t all sheep and hobbits with loud, mean guitar sounds and slightly awkward, self conscious execution ; evoking early-era sonic youth without the lyrical ambiguity or lofty art-rock aspirations. Let them find their feet, and promises of monster riffs and soul catching hooks abound.


Then it’s breezy and lomography tinted tunes coming from Filipino band Bee Eyes, which somehow turned from the shoegaze inflected pop to spontaneous rapping. Fun.


Last on the bill was of course Mac DeMarco. Mac DeMarco the band, not Mac DeMarco and his backup musicians. There was more chemistry between the members than in all 5 seasons of breaking bad as they effortlessly segued between slower ballads and hard rock, then cheeky covers of classics – including a karaoke version of Stairway to Heaven. DeMarco is a Canadian Angus Young if you swap the schoolboy outfit for a cap and flannel. Complete with schoolboy antics, that endearing gap-toothed grin and short lived attempts at crowdsurfing.

Its no fever pitch stadium rock or sweat drenched-injury inducing hardcore show. This is rock n’ roll in your best friend’s bedroom(no euphemism intended). Which really isn’t a bad thing at all.

Photo credits: Maria Clare Khoo, courtesy of Othersounds