Daughter is an English rock/indie band that will be taking the stage at the annual Laneway festival this coming January. After releasing wildly successful EP’s (if you’ll excuse the pun) “The Wild Youth” and “His Young Heart” songs like Youth have driven people towards them, adoring their eclectic and chillingly beautiful compositions.

They released their first full length EP “If You Leave” in March earlier this year, and almost a full year after releasing it- they’ll  be coming all the way to our sunny island to entertain the masses at gardens by the bay. Why should you buy tickets to Laneway? If for no other reason, to see Daughter.


After watching a few of their YouTube performances, and having their albums on repeat- we at Popspoken are truly excited to see this amazing band share their talent with us in January of 2014. Just picture it, unwinding on a blanket with a beer in your hand listening to Elena Tonra’s voice serenade the audience. It’s surely a gig you don’t want to miss.

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to Sistic where you can buy a ticket for $150 to view 15+ acts perform at Gardens by the bay on January 25th. Don’t forget to keep up with them on facebook and twitter too, they’re giving out all sorts of cool prizes and posting #tbt’s to Laneway 2012!