Like all of you JoBro enthusiasts, we over here at PS are wondering… what the hell is going on with the Jonas Brothers? It all started when the boys cancelled their highly anticipated world tour, which offered pricey meet and greets and sold out venues all over the place. With such a good thing going- why would the boys cancel everything so suddenly and without notice?

We think (and have heard rumours) that there’s a deep rift between the members of the once sensational boy band. It’s been reported by numerous sources that the boys were “having difficulty deciding on the musical direction of the group”. This vague statement sounds more like a personal feud to us, with no direct reason supplied for the cancelling of the tour.

Upon cancelling their tour, the boys shockingly deleted their official band twitter account @JonasBrothers unexpectedly and without explanation today much to the dismay of many fans across the globe. Deleting one of the only places where they stand united publicly? Sounds like an incoming breakup to us.

There are ALL sorts of rumours flying around rumours of Kevin’s family getting in the way of being musically productive, and even rumours about a potential drug addict for arguably the most talented “brother” Joe Jonas himself. Whatever the actual reason, it seems as though due to poor commercial success and personal issues the Jonas Brothers will announce their impending separation very soon.