DJ Seb Fontaine has been at it for more than 25 years, spinning intoxicating tracks in the United Kingdom, Ibiza and all over Asia. However, he still gets quite frustrated when someone hits him up for vocals to a bootleg remix.

“The amount of people that have asked me for vocals so that they can do bootlegs for their own gain is truly astounding,” Seb said in an interview with Popspoken.

The stalwart is back to headline Podium Lounge, one of the after-parties set to burn up the F1 weekend with a mash-up of fashion, music and F1 royalty. Seb related his excitement to us at coming back for a second time — this time, flanked by other DJs such as Sander Kleinenberg, Miles Slater and Stephen Day.

Having released eight albums and being involved in more than 10 mixed compilations throughout his career, we asked the English house music DJ if fame and fortune has changed him personally and in his career. His reply was candid.

“I would be lying if I said that for every moment of my life since becoming a DJ, I am truly proud and unchanged. On the other hand, I definitely know that throw in experience and age and I couldn’t be happier or more grounded in life than I am now,” said Seb.

Besides listing Norman Jay as his musical influence, Seb also mentioned the Second Summer Of Love as a big part of his music. In that era, acid house music and rave parties rose to prominence — often, such parties were illegal and were spread through word-of-mouth. The Summer Of Love refers to the rise of the hippie culture in 1967 and the music and free-spiritedness that was associated with it.

“1988 was a magical time in general; chasing parties in secret locations was a national pastime. Who could fail to be lured by the sounds of ‘Voodoo Ray” and “Strings of Life”?  Truly hypnotic and life changing music,” added Seb.

For someone who is inspired by such an era, it comes as no surprise that he is also mindful of the world’s struggles. When asked what was the one thing he could change about the world, he chided himself for not thinking of an answer that was more fun (it’s ok Seb, Popspoken handles weighty stuff too).

“You would be an idiot not to do something, with kids around the world still starving and dying from diseases that seem so daunting in modern society,” explained Seb.

The mix of seeming contradictions only makes Seb much more than just your random dude spinning behind the turntables. In fact, when we asked him what would be the working title of his autobiography if he were to produce one, he referred us to a popular fantasy book series.

“Honestly, you might as well call it Harry Potter as it would read as if staggering fiction, although you had to be there to believe it. I know that I’ll think of something really cool and ironic as soon as the interview is printed. “All Back to Mine” feels like a good working title though,” elaborated Seb.

So, with all this in mind, what propelled Seb when he was young to have such an outlook in life and music?

“Madness — when I was a kid,” said Seb.

Podium Lounge runs till Sunday, 22 September. Visit their site here.

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Additional reporting by Skii Chung and Zack Hourihane

Photo: BBC Radio 1