[Editor’s note dated 21 September 2013]

Dear Popspoken readers, we have just received a request from a management personnel, who would like us to post some clarifications regarding our previous articles on the 1 World Music Festival. 

For the avoidance of doubt, we are quoting directly from the source:

All artists were confirmed and paid in full, you are welcome to check with each of their management.

Venue was confirmed you can also check with the venue, it was booked since April with final payment made this past month.

There is nothing underhanded going on here.

Tickets and tables are in the process of being refunded.


Just two days before the big event, Retfar Entertainment has cancelled 1 World Music Festival due to “unforeseen circumstances”. The event promised to gather DJs and artistes such as Iggy Azalea, Snoop Dogg and Taboo from the Black Eyed Peas during the coming F1 weekend at the Marina Barrage.

“The organisers of this event would like to thank everyone that believed in this event and who planned to attend… (the 1 World Music Fest staff were) very disheartened at this turn of events,” Retfar wrote in their press release issued Wednesday night.

According to a prominent socialite in the know of the goings-on with the event, the organisers “only booked the venue last week and none of the celebs even confirmed they were coming”. The socialite has chosen to stay anonymous.

However, Moby did tweet something about coming to Singapore:

Iggy Azalea confirmed earlier on in May that she would be heading to Singapore:

Iggy Azalea

And so did Far East Movement:

Screen Shot 2013-09-19 at 1.56.57 AM.png

A source who is working with Retfar on the music festival said exclusively to Popspoken following the announcement that “we were this close… we definitely had all the announced artists confirmed and signed on the contract”.

Despite rumours floating on social media that low ticket sales was a factor in the cancellation, the source said that ticket sales were “good” and the cancellation happened due to production and licensing issues.

Popspoken understands that the organisers behind 1 World Music Festival are Australian concert and theatre arts promoter Mark Ratfer and American nightlife veteran Gregory Gumo.

Tickets and table reservations can be refunded via ticketing agents from September 25.

Editor’s note: We have received further information from a couple of sources. The follow-up article which attempts to find out what may have happened can be found here.