When The XX played The Star Vista this past Friday night, they mesmerised the audience with an almost introverted stage presence and an extensively impressive light show. Combining their Mercury Prize-winning debut ‘xx’ and their sophomore album ‘Coexist’, the London trio delivered a powerful, electrifying set. Clad in their usual sleek black outfits, guitarist Romy Madley Croft, bassist Oliver Sim and multi-tasking beatmaker Jamie Smith complemented each other in every track.

The music can be best described as moody electronica, with Romy’s soulful singing and woeful guitar melodies. This was accompanied by Oliver’s vocal harmonies and deep bass tones, while Jamie attended to the samplers, keyboards and rhythm machines in the back. At one point, Romy and Oliver shuffled into a little dance while facing each other.

The xx played crowd favourites like ‘Islands’, ‘Fiction’ and ‘Shelter’, much to the delight of their fans who simply could not get enough of them. The set was insanely tight and frequent variations were made to the songs. This was apparent with ‘Crystallised’, which was greatly slowed down. Hilariously, the crowd belted the line “ahhh ahhh” prematurely, only to be teased by Oliver singing it several moments later.

Retaining the intimate quality intertwined in their songs and live shows, the set was kept minimalistic, save for the stage and light presentation that enhanced every reverb. The xx ended the set with ‘Infinity’ and the reveal of the famous X just before the encore at the end of the night. When the performance ended, the crowd was still in awe. It was illuminating.

Full Setlist:
Heart Skipped a Beat
Intro (Encore)
Angels (Encore)

Image: Relevant Magazine