Singapore Idol 3 winner Sezairi Sezali finally has some new material. Since being released of his National Service obligations, Sezairi is now represented by the Bedsty group and has released a video series, Room To Breathe. He has sung at his grandma’s fancy pad, on a boat in the Maldives and will sing in Russia for his next video.

Sezairi brings back his laidback soulful vibes in his new single, Sayang. The song speaks of his intentions to declare his love towards his other half despite her losing patience with him and showing the intention of leaving him for someone else. Of course, you would never know the strife behind the plot by listening to Sezairi’s smooth vocals and the jazzy arrangement, but thy can’t discriminate towards how others show their emotions, no?

The video features some of our faves holding up the lyric boards: Munah Bagahrib and Hirzi Zulkiflie of Munah & Hirzi fame, Nathan Hartono, Sheikh Haikel and Anita Kapoor. You may also remember Tabitha Nauser, who was also from the third season of Singapore Idol. Fans of Suria will also be familiar with another guest appearance from Hyrul Anuar, who was the winner of Malay singing competition Anugerah some time back.

All in all, a pretty fun video and just the perfect pick-me-up this Hari Raya. We can’t wait to hear news of an EP and more Room To Breathe eps from this talented artiste!

Watch the lyric video for Sayang below:

Sayang is now available on iTunes here.