Singapore celebrated its 48th birthday on August 9 at the Marina Bay Floating Platform to a show that was somewhat different from its predecessors.

From the use of pop songs to remix old favourites, to new faces and segments honouring and involving Singaporeans from all walks of life, the show was indeed a refreshing spin on parades past.

However, the highlight of the show had to be the National Anthem which was given a stripped-down, acoustic feel by jazz singer Rani Singam and acapella group Vocaluptuous. Rani swept through an angelic first verse with her on-point vocals before ethnic musical elements accompanied Vocaluptuous in the rest of the song.

If renditions of the National Anthem were put together, this version would definitely make it atop the list.

Watch the National Anthem rendition below:

Photo: Rani Singam Community Page/Facebook