Now, who says life is over after a singing competition?

If there’s anything we absolutely love doing after watching a show, it’s tracking the contestants after they have exited the show. That’s how we know that The Voice alum Mathai has a new EP — “Girl Like Me” — coming out July 4th, that X Factor Jason Brock has a sparkling new single and accompanying music video and that American Idol alum Jessica Sanchez, like, totally collaborated with Ne-Yo.

In our sunny, about-to-get-hazy shores, the contestants of singing competition The Final 1 are also going at it big time post-exit. (Just my opinion: a lot of great talent got voted out early on because, well, sometimes popularity is blind to talent. Meh.) Many have gotten gig opportunities at plying their trade on the regular and we noticed some contestants have collaborated together, namely, Sufie and Harris Baba on the WolfPac collective.

Now, we’re hearing some great things coming from one of our favourite ex-contestants, Hashy Yusof. She will guest in a music video produced by the four winners from the Lenovo-MTV CO:LAB competition, a contest to discover Asia’s most talented musical millenials in four categories: DJs, Vocalists/Instrumentalists, Film Makers and Motion Graphic Artists.

Singapore emerged a winner in the DJ category courtesy of Nick Chan, whose track “Murmur” captured the hustle and bustle of the city-state through the electro instrumentals. The other winners are Yuji Mitsuhashi (Japan), Ron Roumsub (Thailand) and Karan Bedi (India).

The winners have just gotten started on a five-day workshop to produce an original music video by MTV. The video is themed “Pulse of the World”, with Nick working with mentors The DJ Dispensary to compose and produce the music track for the video.

Hashy herself went on Twitter and Instagram to share snaps off her experience in the recording studio and music video shoot.