Monster Cat: yup, the band that names its members by cat nicknames and the band that became a huge sensation internationally by distributing a free EP on Torrent file site The Pirate Bay (and subsequently getting batsh*t famous).

It’s time for the band to produce a new album and — much like how iNCH has garnered funds for her sophomore album — they are taking it to crowdfunding to raise the funds needed to make the album happen.

The Indiegogo page for the band’s album has garnered more than one-fifth of its intended $10,000 goal in just three days since the campaign started. The page contains the budget breakdown where the bulk of the estimated $58,100 album cost will go towards the album’s recording process.

The band has secured the services of ARIA-winning producer Tim Carr who has produced for the likes of Matt Corby and Mark Ronson. They also announced on the Indiegogo page that they will be recording their album at the famous long-running Studios 301 in Australia.

The band states their intentions rather eloquently:

“It goes without saying that making a good album is expensive, but we want to do it right and give you nothing but the best representation of the beautiful chaos inside our heads.”

On the crowdfunding page, the band states that they have saved a considerable amount of money but are short of the $10,000 they need to complete the costs. The band members are full-time musicians.

The goodies for contributing are pretty epic: for a $1 donation, funders will get a download of Monster Cat’s previous EP, ‘Mannequins’, plus a digital download of their next single from the upcoming album with special digital liner notes.

$10 gets you the full album for digital download three weeks before its official release. At varying levels of contributions, the band will prepare limited-edition items only for release during the campaign, such as an exclusive CD pack set, double vinyls, early demos, alternate versions of songs and something we absolutely love: a one-of-a-kind “Monster Cat Mindf*ck”.

If you are a super fanboy, $2,500 gets you the chance to contribute guest vocals or instrumentation on the new album. May God bless you if you can’t sing or perform an instrument. And no, bringing in the triangle as a musical instrument does not count. (At least, for us.)

A tour has been planned for early 2014 and will start in Asia before branching out to Europe and the US in the later part of the year.

Now, for a fuzzy, heartwarming public service announcement from Monster Cat:

Photo: Monster Cat via Facebook