So Inch Chua (stylized iNCH) may have decided to straddle the States and Singapore after that Facebook note, but we still love ourselves some iNCH pride. After a successful crowdfunding effort to raise more than $15,000 for her new album Bumfuzzle, we finally have an — erm — artful video for the first single off the effort, Artful Dodger.

As iNCH sings about an other half she cannot quite read and regrets being together with (she credits the song to a moment of catharsis), we see her as basically the grown-up version of Dora The Explorer trying to sniff out any presence of wildlife outside her trailer in the jungle through some old-school CCTV. The maps are laid out and she pores through Polaroids (because, why the hell not?) and we see a photo of a man. Immediately, we go “Ha! A clue!” because we watch way too much Dora for our own good.

BOOM! BOOM! The trailer shakes, things are flying everywhere and red string is all astrewn. iNCH detects presences outside her trailer and goes to investigate, with her trusty La Sardina lomography camera. (Don’t think we didn’t notice that appropriately-inserted product placement.) She finds some Yeti bear or Bigfoot or whatever big furry creature you want to imagine and follows the thing to its hideout.

There, iNCH meets other bear-like things playing ping-pong and attending lessons — you know, the usual stuff. The bears find her and trap her, and then she turns into one of them while the man in the previous picture removes the head off his bear costume. She sings. The bears jam with her. It is all very weird but very much watchable. And very, very beautifully captured on screen.

If this is what iNCH has in store for us on her sophomore effort, we can’t wait to see what else she has to come up with.

Watch the music video for “Artful Dodger” below:

The Artful Dodger is available on iTunes, here.