I didn’t expect to come home completely mind-blown, but to no avail, I did. With nothing better to do on a Saturday night, I decided to head to The Substation hoping to catch Pleasantry live and have a good night. However, what went down that evening was more than what I expected. It was one of those unforeseen experiences that can change your perspective on something so simple.

The SYNDICATE Subsessions is the brainchild of SYNDICATE, a Singapore based audio and visual collective. This was my virgin experience attending one of the many installments and I am so incredibly happy that I took the chance to do so. This installment featured local indie heroes, Pleasantry, which collaborated with up and coming electronic producer, Fauxe. They also shared the stage with one-woman act, Weish, who opened for Tegan & Sara at the Esplanade earlier this year.

The evening started with Weish taking the stage armed with her looper pedal. If you are familiar with the local band sub:shaman, then you’ll probably know who Weish is! (Fact: sub:shaman graced the cover of JUICE mag this month!) The native Singaporean delivered an unforgettable set that featured her amazing crowd commanding vocals. She reminds me a little of Kimbra with her constant looping, layering, and effects she makes with her voice. Talk about versatility! Her lyrics however, are what hit the spot. They were point blank shots from pistols, piercing through your heart and leaving you bleeding from a wound you never knew existed. I never realised how impactful music can be, how much you can relate to a single verse and lastly, how less alone you feel knowing someone else feels the exact same way.

Next up was Pleasantry x Fauxe performing together and making the chill-est of chill music. The set reminded me so much of The XX and I definitely dig the edgy sound Pleasantry’s collaboration with Fauxe has. Compared to their Porcelain Lenses EP, the songs they played that night were able to lull you slowly into another realm. They played new songs and newer multi-textured renditions of older tunes, which will hopefully be featured in their full-length album in months to come. (We’re crossing our fingers and toes here!)

Accompanied by visuals by visual artist extraordinaire, JUN, it made the entire set an audio and visual orgasm. The set was gripping and was defined by its moments of hard hitting strumming of the bass guitar and guitar and also Pleasantry’s vocalists, Sam and Isa’s, soothing vocals. The booming of the drums and Fauxe’s bass beats got the crowd swaying and nodding along in a trance like manner. Not to mention, I saw some people closing their eyes and really letting the music sink in. It was a multi-sensory explosion that left the crowd wanting more.

It was great seeing the acts really enjoying and savoring every moment they had on that stage, while still having fun. However, it was beyond great finally connecting the unlinked bridge between feeling, visualizing and listening to music.

Here’s what you may have missed, but before clicking the oh so tempting ‘play’ button please prepare yourself for a next level chill pill.

Many thanks go out to SYNDICATE for curating a session like no other!

Feature image credit: SYNDICATE