‘Zouk. 15th of June. 8PM.” Say it out loud, let it sink in for a bit and now make a mental note to keep Saturday night free!

Why? Zouk is going to be housing three Awesome (there’s even a capital ‘A’) indie acts for an evening of feet tapping, head bopping and awkward white boy dancing! The show will be featuring Singapore’s very own indie rockers, Shelves, Californian surf rock threesome, Wavves, and Icelandic experimental band, Múm.

The surf rock trio, Wavves, is made up of front man Nathan Williams and former bassist and drummer of The Reatards, Stephen Pope and Billy Hayes. Having recently released their fourth studio album titled “Afraid of Heights”, Wavves has been on the road touring, partying and playing ‘leaves you wet in between the legs’ tunes!

We were lucky enough to score an exclusive one on one action with Stephen Pope! Pope goes into detail about the magic that happens in the studio, the evolution of the band since the first time they played together and how the band is a simply radical concoction of island fruits and STD’s!

How did the band form?

Stephen Pope: Nathan started the band by himself in 2008, recording and writing everything himself. I met Nate in the summer of 2009 in Barcelona and we became friends. I joined the band later that year and we toured Europe together, then immediately went into the studio and did King of the Beach.

Could you briefly describe the music-making process?

SP: It varies a lot. For most songs Nate and I will end each other demos back and forth, then hash it out in the studio. Some songs we’ll sit in a room with acoustic guitars and just play till something sounds good, and then a few songs we wrote really spur of the moment in the studio.

How has your music evolved since you first began playing together?

SP: Although we’re still not great players, I think maybe we each have a bit more confidence in out instruments/ songwriting so we’re able to experiment a little bit more with different things.

Like any other band that has been working hard to successfully break into the music industry, what obstacles did you guys face during the earlier months/ years?

SP: Like with anyone who has some success, there are people who hate you for no reason. But that’s not a bad thing, really. The more people who hate you, the more people will like you. I guess the hardest thing to do in the beginning was to ignore the haters.

Which are the band’s greatest musical influences?

SP: Pixies, AT the Drive-In, Nirvana, Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr., Guided by Voices, Gary Glitter, Agent Orange and Beck.

Where do you get inspiration to compose your songs?

SP: Inspiration comes from everywhere. Even thought people say we sounds “beachy” and “summery”. I feel like I’m more inspired to write when I’m in a darker place in my life.

What are you favorite songs to perform and why?

SP: I like playing “Afraid of Heights” and “Sail to the Sun” the most at this moment. “Super Soaker” has always been fun to play too.

If there were one phrase that could define the band, what would it be?

SP: Incredibly really really good looking.

A lot of people have said that your albums could be the soundtracks of their lives, what albums do you consider the soundtrack of your life?

SP: I’d have to say either the blue album by Weezer or Doolittle by the Pixies.

If your musical sound were a scent/ flavor, what would it be?

SP: It would smell like strawberry AIDS but taste like coconut Hepatitis.

Calling out all the indie rock loving music enthusiasts, this is a show that is definitely not worth missing!

Tickets are priced at $80 on zoukclub.com and Eventclique at $81 (+$3 ticketing charge). Doors open 1930hrs.

Image credit: Momandpopmusic.com