The Dune Rats were beepin’ amazing! I would insert a handful of cusses right about now, but that won’t be appropriate now would it. Even though I came out of Night and Day bar partially deaf, it was no surprise that I have fallen in love with the band and it’ll be a gig I will never forget. It was a plus point that we even got to catch them for a mere $15!

So who are the Dune Rats/ Dunies? They are just a couple of bong loving Brisbane based fellows living young, wild and reckless, all while making pretty stellar garage surf-rock music. I found the Dune Rats a good 36 hours before the gig and decided to give them a listen. Naturally, I then went on to YouTube to search for some videos and low and behold I get videos of three men ‘Bong-ing it out and bro-ing it down.’

They played songs from their latest EP ‘Smile’ and a bunch of other songs they just wrote. Since there was no set list so I was quite lost as to what songs they were singing until I heard a familiar one.

The event venue was pretty peculiar too, graffiti covered the walls and smoke from lit cigarettes filled the air. Stepping into Night and Day Bar was the equivalent of walking into some ‘grundgey’ place in Brooklyn, New York. I was welcomed to a room full of people chilling out and catching up over cool bottles of beer and the boys were already seated on couches chatting up fans and even taking photos with people. BC Michaels and Danny Beus are lovely young men and really friendly too.

So after a memorable and incredibly fun set by local rock legends, The Pinholes, the trio took the stage. On a scale of 1-10, I think the boys are rocking out at a level of 12? Maybe 15? The crowd was already cheering for them when they were setting up, however, when Brett strummed a few chords the crowd immediately went into hysterics. Pity there was not enough space to mosh and the crowd was basically up in their faces while they were singing. But, I loved it!

During ‘F*ck it’ and ‘Red Light Green Light’, the whole crowd was shouting along to the lyrics and trying not to punch each other in the face. ‘I didn’t like you much, fuck it!’ *flips finger* Yes, a lot of fingers and cusses were thrown around that night. Also, Brett, the current bassist for the duo, jumped onto the table which was in the middle of the room to play song and jumped back down right after. The trio is really humorous and they even requested a picture of them with the crowd after the gig so they could show their mommy’s back at home.

Who said you needed a bong to get high? I’m pretty sure everyone walked out all drugged out from the mindblowing tunes! Word is, the Dune Rats are going to release an album next year, so stay duned!

Lastly, many thanks go out to Other Sounds (SG) for bringing the dynamic duo here!

Photos by Maria Clare Khoo, courtesy of Other Sounds.