American pop starlet Demi Lovato recently released her latest affort “Demi” her fourth studio album to date. With four albums now under her belt, a successful acting career AND a gig as a judge on the X Factor- it was definitely a question as to whether Lovato could step up her game for her fourth effort. (The giveaway is featured at the end of the post)

The lead single “Heart Attack” is probably the (vocally) strongest song on the album, a soaring chorus with dubstep infused hooks really ties the song together making it the obvious choice for a lead single. While “Heart Attack” is definitely the strongest single, there a few other hefty contenders in the running for the most radio friendly song off of the album.

Other strong upbeat numbers from the album include “Really Don’t Care” a pop duet with UK sensation Cher Lloyd, and “Something That We’re Not” an acoustic guitar riddled diamond in the rough. If these two songs aren’t singles after her most recent (and slightly lackluster) “Made In The USA” then her management really needs to rethink their marketing decisions.

While the album tends to grapple for radio successes, Lovato stays true to her roots and includes a few incredible ballads to round out the album. “Nightingale” and “Warrior” are two incredible songs, that showcase her vocals beautifully- while maintaining a catchy and easy to listen to hook.

Lovato always includes one ballad that really stuns the listener, and “Demi” is no exception to that album rule. Her first album had the incredible “Don’t Forget” her second had the tear jerking “Catch Me” and her third had the beautiful “Fix a Heart.” Her latest album, has the incredibly heartbreaking “In Case” written by Priscilla Renea who also wrote the wonderful “Fix a Heart.”

It seems as though Renea writes songs tailored specifically to Lovato’s voice, as “In Case” proves that Demi can channel her own emotions into anything given to her- this gutwrenchingly raw ballad will knock your socks off as Lovato’s powerhouse vocals fly across the track. This is probably the best song on the album, and will most likely be sadly overlooked as it’s piled under wannabe radio hits like “Firestarter” and “Neon Lights”

All in all, “Demi” is a more cohesive and mature version of her previous album “Unbroken.” It seems as though Lovato has finally found her style, after her messy third album left much to be desired. Fans will love the album, it’s packed with new and fresh sounding material while retaining that certain spark that only Demi Lovato can offer.


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