If there’s any grandfather in the world that can bare his belly, dance sexy and yet remain perfectly respectable and adored by crowds upon crowds, it’s Steven Tyler.

It didn’t matter that we were squashed against sweaty smelly strangers at the Singapore Social Concert. It didn’t matter that the band only started at 10pm when they were supposed to play at 8. It didn’t matter that we were too short to get our heads high enough for fresh air. Why, you ask? Because it’s Aero-freaking-smith.

65 years old and still rocking. Steven Tyler comes on center stage decked in an outfit made out of the stars from the sky with dry ice and all kinds of epic. With a mammoth diva-esque hat atop his head and retro red shades obscuring his eyes, Steven, along with the rest of the band (excluding bassist Tom Hamilton), kickstarted the show with songs from their newest album, Music from another Dimension. Most of the audiences weren’t familiar with their new material and it was pretty apparent. So being absolutely shameless, Steven asked, “Do you guys like the old shit or the new shit?” The even more delightfully shameless audience answered, “OLD SHIT!” And Steven went, “I love you guys even more now.” Can you believe it? Steven Tyler loves us. He actually loves us.


Now before we go absolutely bonkers (as if we’re not already bonkers), we’d like to take this time to express our insane love for Joe Perry the lead guitarist. He makes for the most hardcore, badass grandfather of all time, of ALL time. He has the coolest, and I mean coolest, single streak of grey hair on his head. He struts up and down the center aisle of the stage like it was a fashion show. He’s got his wife’s face on his sweet sweet guitar. And he melts the stage and sets it on fire with his radical guitar solos. Oh and did we mention something about fires? Oh yes. Joe Perry played so hard, the amplifiers exploded into flames. So. Much. Swag.

Dream On did it for me, out of everything else they performed. They had their signature white piano and as the song progressed, Steven and Joe, the toxic twins, got up on it and rocked The Meadows to the point that I think windows were smashed into smithereens that night because of them.

So what can we say? If you weren’t at the concert, go ahead, be jealous and live in regret because you missed out on a whole lot of mindblowing epicness.

Image Credits: Action Images/Starcount