Tricks & Cider (“T&C”) is a local band which comprises of 3 girls and a guy who have gone off the beaten path to pursue their love for music.

On lead vocals and guitar is Victoria Ho who used to write for the Business Times, Karen Lee who used to work for P&G and DDB does back-up vocals, the keyboard and violin , Dawn Ho on bass guitar used to work at a big law firm but has since gone in-house; and finally, David Liu on drums is also an award-winning film maker.

The band embodies a ‘melodic, scrumpy pop’ appeal and is a result of the Tricks & Cider’s varied musical background from hip-hop DJing to broadway sensibilities. Their debut EP “Girl From Outer Space” is a rock anthem, with down-tempo acoustic grooves that will leave you hooked. Armed with passion and a thirst for musical nirvana, Tricks & Cider aims to push their boundaries and continue their musical journey through an exploration of various genres and influences such as classical music, funk and jazz.


Popspoken: Tell us about the origin of your band name.

T&C: We had been friends for years already, and we used to hang out at this place called The Cider Pit in Joo Chiat for drinks. We were there again after rehearsal, and Dave had taught himself some pretty good magic tricks and was showing them to us. A waiter passed by, impressed, and said, “That’s a sick trick!” And so the name was born, and it signifies all the fun we have together, and the irreverent things that some of us spend time on (like magic tricks).

Popspoken: What inspires your music?

T&C: Encounters, personal interests and life experiences. For example: Post Recording Dreams (written by Karen) is about a collection of dreams, both uplifting and sobering. She had a dream about recording in a studio, and decided to explore the meaning of her dreams, people’s inspirations and what they do with it. House By A Hill (written by Victoria) is a love song about getting out of one’s isolation because you’ve discovered a reason to come out of your shell, and about pushing one’s horizons to explore more outside of your comfort zone.

Popspoken: How was the band formed?

T&C: We formed in 2011 when Victoria and Karen were looking for a bassist and drummer. They had been writing songs together for the past four years, and had a casual band set up with some other friends. They were also in a cover band playing the blues, but they wanted to find people to play and create original material with. It all came together with a suddenly tight deadline because they entered one of their songs into the Yamaha Asian Beat competition in 2011, and they got selected for the finals. So Dawn and Dave were roped in, and what started as a competition entry became something more special.

Popspoken: What is the future direction of your music? T&C: We aim to keep pushing good melodies and solid tunes while exploring and incorporating different musical genres and influences. For example, Karen’s into R&B and classical music, while Dawn is a funk and jazz enthusiast. We want to keep growing as musicians and work our developments into our songwriting.

Popspoken: Which is the favourite track of your EP and why? 

T&C: Girl From Outer Space, because it was our first polished original and was truly a combined effort. It was also the song that brought us together in the first place!

Popspoken: In one sentence, describe your band.

T&C: Melodic scrumpy pop.

Check out more at . Follow the band @tricksandcider on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Soundcloud. Their debut EP is available on iTunes, Bandcamp and Spotify!

For enquiries, you can contact them at [email protected]