We already know the chubby The Voice judge wrote the popular breakup song, Forget You. Wikipedia can easily tell you his real name is Thomas DeCarlo Callaway. But there are a few facts about CeeLo Green that are unknown to the average crowd. The star’s coming to this tiny little island we call Singapore on 23 May for a performance in the first-ever Social Star Awards at Marina Bay Sands.

The Awards, fondly hailed as the “Oscars of Social Media” will be hosted by the stunning Jessica Alba. Seven Superfans have been given a chance to win an all expenses paid trip to Singapore to join the Superstars on the red carpet on 23 May, and at the Singapore Social Concerts on 24/25 May featuring performances from Aerosmith, Carly Rae Jepsen, PSY and others.

Even though Starcount has already identified the 7 Superfans, it is not too late for other fans to join the party. Download the Starcount App on Android or IOS and join the Fan Charts of your favourite stars, for the chance to win follows, mentions and google hangouts from your favourite Stars, and to show the world, and your idols, how big a fan you are. And so to prep you up before you blindly exclaim you’re his biggest fan, here are the top 5 things you may not know (but need to know to be his biggest fan) about CeeLo Green.

5. CeeLo Green is an orphan.

Death took his father away from him at the tender age of 2. And when he turned 18, his mother passed away after being paralyzed by a car accident for 2 years. The teenage orphan fell into a depression because of that. But what’s an artiste if he hasn’t got an inspirational tragedy-turned-victory life story to tell, no?

4. He sang in TLC’s Waterfalls.

Remember that ‘90s R&B girl group? How about their greatest Grammy-nominated single, Waterfalls? CeeLo sang backup vocals to this song and we’re not kidding. Coincidentally, his collaboration of My Life with hiphop group, Slaughterhouse, features the lyrics, “Now don’t you niggas go chasing waterfalls”. Oh how I wonder who wrote that riveting line.

3.  Forget You was written in a total of 2 hours!

It was a collaboration between CeeLo Green and the Grenade star, Bruno Mars, both signed under Elektra Records. Despite being internationally known as the ultimate breakup song, CeeLo wrote it to spite his record label because “he couldn’t please them”. Can you imagine him churning out a hit single in 120 minutes, the duration of an average movie? Now that’s talent, right there.

2. CeeLo has a pink bird.


This bird is a Moluccan cockatoo he named Lady. Isn’t it gloriously adorable? Too bad it couldn’t sit on CeeLo’s shoulder on The Voice anymore. Apparently this species of cockatoos are endangered and prone to self-mutilation, especially when they’re kept as pets. Animal rights activists from Born Free demanded that he removed the cockatoo before anything serious happens. It’s a pity though. Lady looked like she was enjoying the limelight.

1.  CeeLo’s white cat does not belong to him.

ceelo green

Such a shocker! Purrfect was the white and fluffy Persian feline’s name. They looked so “purrfect” together on The Voice, we thought they were made for each other, owner and pet. But no. It was all a big, fat, furry lie. In fact, the cat was rented from Benay’s Bird & Animal Rental. But being that lovable, Purrfect does not come cheap. With all that newfound stardom and a Facebook and Twitter page of her own, CeeLo’s lap cushion earns itself about $350 per day.

Image Credits: Techmediatainment, iGossip, Al Lindstrom


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