Fans of Tegan & Sara aren’t just fans of their music – I’d say it’s their onstage banter that takes the cake compared to a lot of other performers.

For those who’re hearing their name for the first time, Tegan & Sara are Canadian twins who’ve been around the music scene for over a decade, starting off with acoustic singer-songwriter style songs and, more recently, moving on to a more electronic feel.

The concert started off with a stellar performance by an local electronic artiste who goes by the stage name weish, working with loops and a vocoder to single-handedly belt out full-sounding songs to a really supportive audience. It kind of felt like we were watching a really dark version of Imogen Heap at the time.


After a long wait, the crowd started going crazy the moment Tegan & Sara stepped onto stage with their band. They hyped things up immediately, playing songs off their new album Hearthrob like Drove Me Wild, I’m Not Your Hero, Goodbye, Goodbye and I Couldn’t Be Your Friend. I was more a fan of their earlier, more acoustic work, and was ecstatic when they changed their guitars to acoustic guitars and went into Back In Your Head and The Con, and then moving back and forth between their new stuff and their old.

As mentioned before, their banter was amazing. People were almost literally on the floor with laughter when they recalled how they encountered a taxi uncle who asked them where they were from, and when they said “we’re in a band” he began to Google them while driving. He even went to the extent of reading the contents of their Wikipedia page to them along the way!


In the midst of all the hilarity, I’d say that they definitely managed to keep the energy sky high throughout the entire concert. They got a little bit of pitchy at parts, but it’s always the raw performances that make watching them all the more amazing.

My favourite part of the whole show was definitely the encore set – it was a stripped down affair, with just the twins singing Call It Off, Nineteen and best of all, an entire medley of all their previous works. What better way to please the fans and their requests than an epic medley?


After the medley and before their very last song Feel It In My Bones, Sara seemed so touched by the energy of the crowd that she actually promised everyone that they’d be back for another show within a year. Check out the video posted below to see what they said, and also to check out the medley that was really well-put together!

I’ll definitely be seeing them when they next come back – will you?

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