After being gone a tad too long (we know he went off for National Service, but we’re not too sure when he ended the stint BUT WHATEVER), Singapore Idol 3 winner and the dude that caused a bit of hoo-ha when his single was a song from Ben Montague Sezairi Sezali is back and he’s bangin’ with a new video series!

Room To Breathe’s first episode was released on Labour Day. It starts off rather charmingly with a filtered-out shot of Sezairi and the band in the car. (Filters for life.) They trade jokes, the driver is reminded to keep his eyes on the road — good stuff.

In a few seconds, the amps are srt, guitar is good to go and we find ourselves in Sezairi’s grandma’s house. Which is fab-u-lous. Grandmama sits down with her tea, and Sezairi belts out a smooth rendition of Morning Coffee, with his vocals gliding through amid some choice snaps and that old-school bluesy feel. He even sings spontaneously in the interview after the song. I mean, hello.

(BTdubs, he shows his grandma to the camera. You may need Kleenex at 05:56. Just sayin’.)

He shows us to his grandmama’s gorgeous movie pad (at which point we realise, holy shit, this is a pretty fancy house) and we see rapper Kevin Lester just chillin’ out with the boys. Sez calls Kevin as Kev. They talk about “real talk”. Come on.

We segue into Treasure, a cover from the Bruno Mars song. We see an upbeat Sezairi that we would have loved to see more of post-Idol, as his voice shimmies through the funky arrangement. Kevin lays down a verse or two, just sitting casually by the sofa while he kills it. We. Are. Sold.

“I’m kind of attracted to women who tell me what to do” – Sezairi Sezali, talking about his mother who nags quite a fair bit

Also, something happens at the end of the video. But of course, like the cocktease we are, we won’t tell you. Heh.

Since this has been publicised by Sez-zlin’ Sez as Episode 1, we can expect more episodes to come. No mention of other dates as of yet though, so the only way is probably staying peeled to his social media networks and YouTube page.

The Sez is also on a new track in Kevin Lester’s latest album, Everything You Love, You Hate, called “Danger”. You can get it at iTunes here.

Watch Ep 1 of Room To Breathe Below: