Arr-rock indie bands with punk aesthetic bands have shorter lifespans than fruitflies in the heat, yet it has been 10 long years since their debut, and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs are still as relevant as ever. Remember when you first heard Fever to Tell? Remember how it made you sit up and put down whatever you were doing to listen? Every subsequent album then brought new things to the table, each linked to the last through comforting weirdness.

Released 16 April, Mosquito is once again everything new and old, classic YYY’s made bigger, bolder, louder and loads of fun, all held together by punk-siren song of Karen O. Musically, the album moves on from the radio-friendly dance -punk remix-friendly It’s Blitz! and explores being the spiritual successors of Sonic Youth.You’d think that with all those riffs already under his belt Zinner would be satisfied. Mosquito proves  his appetite for banality-destruction, with star-wars space-battle laser guitars and Reggae influenced sounds. The ever reticent Chase, now sporting a Hagrid beard – sits. Sits and doles out the precise yet raw and emotional drumming that is backbone to the music. Expect sampling, choir singing, strange sounds and yes, a rapping part featuring Dr Octagon/Kool Keith.

Some songs do drag on a little self-indulgently, but when you have become so important in the annals of rock music, a little Page-esque indulgence isn’t going to hurt anyone. Maybe expect your guitar strings.

 You can listen to a preview of the album here, and/or buy it on Itunes.

The video for the song Sacrilege features Lily Cole and raunchy scenes – best not to watch at work or in front of your mom.


Picture credits : NME