‘Everyday they make me wanna say, (oo oo oo oo). You’re taking over me! (oo oo oo oo). I’m in ecstasy!’ It’s official, the U.K heartthrobs, Lawson, have taken over our hearts when they played their first show here on Friday, 5th of April at Singapore’s very own St. James Power Station. Looking casual and laidback in t-shirts and jeans, Lawson rocked out to singles from their hit album ‘Chapman Square’.

We knew they were on stage when the fans started screaming hysterically, as they picked up their instruments to play “Everywhere you go”. Next was ‘Gone’ and you could safely say that the ever hungry fans were completely gone as they jammed along to the familiar tune. The boys demonstrated so much affection to the showcase goers as Ryan and Andy sent picks flying to a few lucky Lawson fanatics during “Taking Over Me”, “Make It Happen” and finally my personal favorite  “Learn To Love Again.” You could actually sense the emotion and story behind the song and it definitely pulled many heartstrings.

The whole ambience was phenomenal, there was a never a dull moment between the songs and it was a beautiful scene seeing the fans sing the first few verses of “When She Was Mine”. Almost every single soul in the crowd was belting lyric after lyric before the boys started rocking out and owned the song with their insane guitar riffs and crowd commanding vocals.

Just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, the boys pleasantly surprised us with a cover of Maroon 5’s ‘Moves like Jagger’. Fangirls that were positioned at the front of the stage were lucky enough to get the opportunity to paw at Andy’s body when he crouched down to interact with them. Cameras clicked even more rapidly as fans experienced the bromance between Ryan and Andy first hand, and as expected the cheeky lads posed for more pictures together. It was totally evident that beyond their good looks and extremely adorable accents, they really had stellar musical talent.

The band wrapped up the night with an incredible performance of “Standing in the Dark” that left the fans almost breathless after screaming, singing and dancing along.

The set list of 7 songs which is almost half the album, was alright although we thought they could have sang a bit more. Also, a better venue could have been booked, we loved the fact that it was a very intimate affair however; the sound system could definitely have been better.

With an astounding sound and an amusing attitude, it’s safe to say that we love Lawson and we hope they’ll come back soon!


Photo credits: Google