Kevin Lester is the man that has done it all: hustlin’ in the small gigs and making it big time as a solo rapper and as part of the band Sixx. In an exclusive piece on Bandwagon, the lyricist tells all on his life in and view of hip-hop and urges others to chase their dreams like how he has chased after his.

The 27-year-old wrote that had always felt he was “born to do something different, perhaps something great”. He recounts his success in the past three years including representing Singapore at the Cannes music festival Marché International du Disque et de l’Edition Musicale (MIDEM) as part of Sixx in February last year. The music festival was also graced by the likes of Mark Ronson and Joss Stone. Sixx debuted their hit single Supersonic in MIDEM.

“I wish everyone in Singapore had my view of the hip hop that breathes here. How it’s grown and matured even through set backs and sabotages. She’s had her enemies who’ve used scandals and failures to bring her down but nope, she’s still standing strong,” Kevin wrote in the Bandwagon piece.

He also highlighted how former Singapore Idols Taufik Batisah and Hady Mirza came from hip-hop groups Bonafide and Fabulous Forte respectively. Kevin Lester used to be in the former group with now-soloist Mark Bonafide before it disbanded.

“It’s this drive and energy that is born from our scene where those involved feel like we carry her on our shoulders. The minute we stop, she falls. We all drive the bus, like an emotional connection with everyone that passes through her doors.” – Kevin Lester

Through his travels, Kevin wrote about “this love and respect” he has gained from being a Singaporean rapper and being an ambassador while going on tour in places such as Atlanta, New York and Rotterdam. He hinted that he will share Singapore’s stories in his new album, Everything You Love, You Hate, set to drop this year. On his Bedsty page, the album “promises a sonically deeper and more mature theme through his storytelling”. Kevin is managed by Bedsty.

Hear Me Go

Cover art for Kevin Lester’s single, Hear Me Go

He also wrote about a feeling of hunger for more, even though all the success he has gotten so far. In an interview with Midnight Shift, Kevin claims to be a perfectionist of sorts, constantly re-writing raps to songs from Sixx. He wrote on Bandwagon about inspiring change and calling out his detractors who used to dismiss his ambitions. For a guy that was crowned ELLE Singapore Music Act Of The Year at the 2011 ELLE Awards, he has definitely achieved a lot since then.

“It’s impossible to imagine my life lived differently. Music has made me who I am. I only hope that people follow my story and realize the beauty in chasing dreams, so they can start to believe in theirs,” Kevin wrote on Bandwagon.

Listen to Hear Me Go below:

Kevin Lester’s album Everything You Love, You Hate will be out this year. His first single Hear Me Go is out now on Amazon and iTunes.