There has been some sort of a stigma lately where unknown artistes and bands get featured on TV, movie and game soundtracks to gain instant popularity. These artistes have been dished to take the easy route to fame and fortune but we believe that they only deserve to be where they are now. One artiste that can resonate that idea of shooting to fame through a soundtrack after working hard over the years is Regina Spektor.

Many may remember her for outstanding tracks “Hero” and “Us” in the revolutionary heartbreak indie hit 500 Days of Summer and heartwarming track “The Call” in the Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian but if you’re one to follow many soaps and TV series, you would notice familiar hits like “Better” and “Fidelity” being used countless times.

Haters may hate and say that the easy way to instant success is getting your track on a soundtrack but Regina has shown that once is not enough. Christmas is definitely round the corner and whilst it may not be 12 days of christmas just yet, we are delighted to tell you that Regina Spektor will be playing an intimate set for us at the Esplanade Theatre on 22nd December 2012.

Since emerging on the NYC café circuit in 2001, this Russian-born, Bronx-bred artist has been hailed as a truly special talent. With an uninhibited imagination and acute sense of detail both in music and words, Regina Spektor has gone from practicing on an out of tune piano in the basement of her local synagogue, to hypnotizing small crowds in NYC’s lower East Side, to selling out venues like New York’s Radio City Music Hall worldwide. Continuing to showcase her amazing ability to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary with her unique and provocative vocal style and prodigious piano skills garnered through years of classical training, Spektor released her last album “Far” (2009) to an overwhelming response from both fans and critics.

The New York Times raved “Far” as her most ambitious work sonically and her storytelling is as elliptical as ever,” while The UK Sunday Times agreed this is “her most accomplished, mystifying, eclectic and beautiful release to date. It doesn’t just fly, it soars.” The close of 2010 saw the release of “Regina Spektor LIVE IN LONDON,” Regina’s first live concert DVD and CD. And, in May 2012, Sire/Warner Brothers Records released Regina’s new studio album entitled, “What We Saw From The Cheap Seats”.

Regina Spektor comes to the Esplanade theatre live, with special guest and beloved husband’s act, Only Son. Tickets are priced from $68, all the way to $148 and hurry because tickets are running out for one of the most anticipated acts this year. What better way to celebrate Christmas than spending a night with Regina? Head on to Sistic for more details!

Better yet, the lovely people from Greenhorn Productions has pleasantly given us a pair of  tickets to give away to one lucky person. Christmas will indeed look brighter and better for someone. Head on to our Facebook page for more details!