Contrary to what many think; band name Poliça wasn’t exactly Polish for “policy”, or a reference to an unwritten code that guides the members when they play together. Yes, Poliça is indeed Polish for policy, but apparently it was just someone else’s interpretation of the band name. The name Poliça came about quite less thought through. We managed to talk to frontwoman and co-founder, Channy Leaneagh on the phone and she explained that it was “just a word that I heard when writing a record and it just fit; the sound of it fit the band perfectly and the name just stuck from then on.”

Barely a year and a half years old, this Minneapolis four-piece has become one of the breakout acts to look out for in the coming year. Playing the famed South by SouthWest(SXSW) festival in March this year, they drew rave reviews from Huffington Post and NPR. Grammy winner Bon Iver’s frontman Justin Vernon boldly claimed that Poliça was “the best band I’ve ever heard”. With all the accolade and praise, one could easily be swept away and get caught in the limelight; but not Channy.

Mentioning that she was “very surprised and very grateful” for all the acclaim but rather prefers to “take everything with a grain of salt, try to do what you do best and not get too far of yourself”. Much of this humbling motif ties down to the fact that she doesn’t want any added pressure. The jump of success of this humble band has landed them a spot on Laneway 2013 and even though they would be rather far away from home, Channy was just thankful that she had a job that she loves.

When asked whether this was where she envisioned Poliça to be when she started, she seemed rather surprised with how far the band has come and stated that they were a long way from home. Apart from being literally away from home in the coming months as they tour the Oceania region and Singapore, their jump of success has come much of a shock. After all, Poliça started off to be merely a studio project by Channy and fellow Gayngs member Ryan Olson. This resulted in a sweet combination of Ryan’s beats and the harmonic belting of Channy’s voice. Add Chris Bierden, Ben Ivascu and Drew Christopherson to that mix and you get Poliça, a bass and rhythm heavy electronic pop outfit.

Moving on to the her expectations on touring Laneway, her first impressions of Singapore were “very beautiful, people are really nice and warm, but it rains sometimes”. Nevertheless she was certainly excited to experience sunny Singapore herself (her mom often visits the country). If there is also one thing we can learn about Channy, it’s that she is very consistent with how she lives her life. With her band, she rather not set any extra pressure so as to keep everything at an arms length and passionately do the job well. Equally so, when asked about any expectations about the local crowd, “I rather have no expectations at all.”

Speaking of which, we think it’s safe to say that we have relatively high expectations when it’s Poliça’s time on stage. After their breakout performance at SXSW festival, NPR had this to say about them: “a welcome jolt of beauty and power”. Channy added that we should expect “Loud and Emotive Live Energy” that we “have to see for yourselves”. 

I asked Channy herself to describe the band and she answered: “Sweet and sour, drum and bass power!” It was amazing how one sentence could capture the essence of the band and how much excitement it drums up. We are all truly excited to witness and experience this bundle of energy that is Poliça. Much has been said about them and like Channy said, we have to see it for ourselves. Make sure to get your tickets before they run out! Laneway Singapore happens 26 January 2013 and Polica is one of those that will sure to excite! Cheers!

Here’s a personal recommendation by Channy to all of you who has yet to hear more about Poliça: Violent Games.

*all quotes were directly quoted from the phone interview

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