Wednesdays mean a lot of different things for a lot of different people out there. To some, it is somewhat a breather from the already hectic week knowing that “we’re halfway there”. To others, it simply spells party; be it Ladies Night Out or as Zouk now calls it, T.G.I.W. However, on October 1, Ben Sherman helped redefine Wednesdays with something called ‘Plectrum Sessions’.

What is Plectrum Sessions you ask? It is a series of live music performances posted online; stemmed from Ben Sherman UK and their very own Plectrum Sessions with local artistes there. We have known many brands which embrace culture and music and Ben Sherman is not one to shy away from this; “a brand with heritage” if you may. Plectrum Sessions was developed to enhance the strong linkage between fashion and music which blends in with it’s British Mod theme, a subculture. It’s not just about selling apparel, it’s more on embracing the whole culture and heritage with music as well.

The Plectrum Sessions series over in UK was not steered towards any one set of genres but rather on something much more special. From folk to jazz to R & B to indie-rock, artistes featured in Plectrum Sessions all over the world shared one common trait; they are local. So it is no big surprise how much we adored this move for Singapore music. We believe that good music comes even from our very own doorsteps sometimes we just fail to discover or acknowledge them. Ben Sherman came up with Plectrum Sessions not just to promote their brand but also to help out a good cause; local music. By featuring some of the country’s top artistes, they are not just giving these artistes a chance to strut their stuff but also giving everyone an opportunity to experience some good ol’ local music.

Over the course of 8 weeks (we’re into the 6th week this week!), Ben Sherman will release an exclusive performance by one of the eight chosen (yep, drafted by the folks in Ben Sherman Singapore and personally handpicked by their colleagues in UK!) top local artistes around, every Wednesday. What’s more is that for each of those weeks, you get access to a special code you can redeem for a 15% discount at all Ben Sherman outlets. Here’s to Plectrum Session Wednesdays!

For more information on Plectrum Sessions visit: Ben Sherman

Watch the videos here: