Just a few seconds off the clip above is enough to show you how stupid certain journalists can be and the shame it brings to an industry once held in high regard for pushing Madonna to the forefront.

So, now it’s come to this, yes, bunch of entitled journalists on the Rihanna Plane?

First, Rihanna is kind enough to horde all 777 (or maybe 150) of you on a Boeing 777 on her 777 tour across 7 cities in 7 days before 7th album Unapologetic hits the big time. You get to travel for 7 days, free, to 7 different cities — some of which may be on your bucket lists for all you media folks that are suffering from paltry paychecks and a lack of vacations — and get to watch a Rihanna concert every day for a week. For a week. I mean, even if you hate the lady, getting so much representation and free swag has got to mean something, no?

No. All you journalists and bloggers on the plane seek for something more. Never mind that you get to see how each concert is different from the other (and write a damn good editorial at it analysing Rihanna’s 777 come-up), you decide that she is not going to wake up from the sleep the woman desperately needs on the plane to give each one of you an exclusive into the colour of her underwear or the size of Chris Brown’s erm, hand. (When he was holding the mic to sing Nobodies Bidneeeeeeeehhhh of course.) No, you decide to be the chidlish brats that J-school taught you and stand up, take your big-ass cameras and equipment (like OH I AM SO SCARED OF YOUR HUGE CAMERA) and scream “Exclusive” from the top of your jet-lagged voice.

What is up with treating Rihanna like some slave that is at your beck and call?

No, you can’t treat Rihanna as Robyn Rihanna Fenty. You must treat her like the invincible goddess who churns out album after album every year, not because she wants to keep her fans on the edge of their seats but because Rihanna is some sort of evil puppet who threatens to clamp your brains with her thigh-slapping a la Rude Boy. For Christ’s sakes, she is human. She has to turn up at events, please everyone and just wants to have some semblance of her life back by partying to unwind from the stress of it all and sleep when there is time to. This is life on tour (minus break days and press days) and if you don’t like it, maybe you shouldn’t have stepped aboard the plane in the first place.

This is really reminiscent of the time Lady Gaga came to Singapore and carried out her Oprah-discussed media blackout without a hitch, leaving the tabloids like The New Paper issuing damning articles on the entire hoo-ha. (All this, without realising the joke’s on them.) At the end of the day, videos like this show nothing but a group of crazed, starved animals who care nothing less than to shove their cameras into someone else’s face and be all up their business.

Have you seen the Rihanna Navy who forgo sleep just to be at the front of the queue in her concerts a few days before show? Those who spend their hard-earned allowance and salary to support their idol and defend them through verbose comment boards and even physical fights whenever someone criticises them? You may think these people are deranged, even deluded, but they put themselves heart on the line because they understand the struggles of a person to succeed. These fans treat Rihanna as a person, beyond the facade of fame and celebrity. They feel the connection that an artiste has with his or her fanbase and they respond by going out of their way as much as the artiste has gone out of their way in providing himself or herself to the fans.

Yes, I’m talking to you, Rihanna Plane journalists. (That is, if you still have Internet.) If you can just get off your moral high horse as some kind of all-seeing power (Illuminati much) and see this tour for what it really is — a chance to peek into her life and the hecticness of it all — you won’t have inane stories like “Rihanna Serves Up Champagne Realness On The First Day Of The 777 Tour” that tell almost nothing about her life. Get out of that jet-lag (seriously. vomit it out and get back to work) and think, because people like you are out in that position not to squander it away by taking advantage of the privilege, but to provide a service to the hordes of dedicated fans who could not be on that plane and just want to know what life on the road is for one of their idols.

If you could do that and stop streaking on the plane, the Rihanna Navy would be utterly grateful. Thank you.