In honour of Mulberry launching their new flagship Asian store, Lana Del Rey graced the shores of Singapore to bless the event with her iridescent presence. The store was decked out in true Mulberry style, with their elite handbags perched upon glass cases all over the extravagant two floor empire. A red carpet met the guests as they entered the building- waiters and photographers on hand to answer to their every need. The party itself was gorgeous, a string quartet entertained the masses while free flow cocktails and canapés were constantly being served throughout the night.


Ear piercing shrieks from the adoring crowd outside the store alerted the invitees of Lana’s imminent arrival. Lana burst into the store, and chaos ensued. She seemed truly thrilled to be at the event and was clearly overwhelmed with the amount of adoration she received from the select few inside the store. She made her way through to the back of the bottom floor, stopping to take photo’s with as many people as she could. It’s obvious that Del Rey truly cares about her fans, as she spent a lot of time with not only those inside the store but many of them who had been awaiting her arrival outside the store too.

Diverting slightly, right before Lana made her way to Singapore she released her latest single and music video “Ride.” A chillingly beautiful tune from her upcoming re-release of “Born To Die”, the song is a classic ballad from the gorgeous indie songbird.  The nostalgic lyrics and haunting vocals lend an atmosphere to the composition that no other artist could perfect so wonderfully. The video, although criticized by some critics for having an “anti-feminist” message (a complaint she receives often) is preluded by a metaphorically complex monologue that really contributes to the artistic development of the masterpiece that is the music video. The cinematography is reminiscent of another era, much like Lana herself. The song is definitely worth having a listen to, it’s eclectic and refreshing.

Moving back to the Mulberry launch party, the event really was a great success, with Lana and Mulberry fans delighted at the prospect of having their two favorite things in the same place all at once. Practically every guest received a hug or photo with Lana, and her presence and shining personality really made the event quite something else. Let’s hope that Lana liked Singapore enough to return for a concert! It sure seems like she enjoyed herself, almost as much as her ever dedicated fans did!