What’s the Standard Operating Procedure when one of the finest white soul singers (considered to be equal parts Stevie Wonder and Paul Young) decides to swing by this red dot again in a short span of six months since his last gig here?

We can only hope it involves you being down at the Esplanade Concert Hall this Tuesday to see James Morrison live!

…Preferably with a ticket in hand because, well, gate-crashing is impolite (c’mon, he’s a Brit).

The 28-year-old UK singer and his marvelously gritty voice are back in town following his tour for his third album, The Awakening.

Soaring strings, uplifting harmonies and soulful ballads establish parallels between his first two albums and The Awakening but Morrison feels that this “first proper album” has added panache and self-belief. In all its entirety, this album is believed to be the sound of an artist coming of age.

Three years in the making, the new album is Morrison’s first for Island Records, after moving from Polydor. He has retained the services of regular co-writers including Steve Robson, the man behind Take That’s Shine, Eg White (Duffy), Dan Wilson (Adele); as well as Toby Gad, best known for Beyonce’s If I Were a Boy. Ten of the 12 songs are produced by Bernard Butler – the acclaimed former guitarist in Suede.

James Morrison promises a full-length concert this Tuesday and we can’t wait to hear the album’s first single “I Won’t Let You Go”, “Slave To The Music” and “In My Dreams” firsthand!

All that rasp and soul live is guaranteed to make your week – nay, rest of the year. So hurry and grab the few tickets that are left!

Tickets are available at SISTIC for $68, $88, $108, $128, $148, $188 for the Tuesday (2 Oct 2012) 9pm gig.