Looks like Carly Rae Jepsen may not just be a one-hit wonder after all. As her debut album “Kiss” is due for release on September 17, single “This Kiss” surfaced on the web the day the album was available for debut order. The “Call Me Maybe” songstress belts out 70s-inspired hooks and brings on the synths in this single as she cooes about her lo9ver who makes her life, well, complete if a tad bit upside-down. (Guess the right boy did call her after all.) With lyrics like “This kiss is something I can’t resist / Your lips are undeniable”, Carly races through the chorus with the trippy trepidation of a 12-year-old. Of course, she is still oblivious that her goddamn self is 26 years old and she probably needs to grow up a whole lot, but childishness is a good enough trade-off for a full bank account, I guess.

Listen to it here. (We can’t seem to embed it on our site. It’s a Tumblr thing.)

Source: biancasleazevillania