“Could you turn down the spotlights a bit?” was the constant plea of front man Blaine Harrison, as Mystery Jets blazed through an hour-and-a-half set. Frankly though, they didn’t need the spotlights at all as they shone brightly on stage.

The boys from Twickenham, London were in town to play an intimate Friday night at the primed Hard Rock Café.Prior to the doors opening, queues were already snaking as excitement built up amongst the MJ faithful. As colorful as the spotlights were on the band, so were the crowd; comprising of teens and young-office professionals decked in corporate wear. It just went on to prove that Mystery Jets was a band that brought much joy to many.

Kicking things off with hit single ‘Someone Purer’ off their new album, ‘Radlands’, Mystery Jets repaid the enigmatic crowd with a journey through the ‘Radlands’ and reminding everyone that they were still capable of amazing performances despite losing famed Mystery Jets Kai Fish and Henry Harrison jumping in to the classic ‘Serotonin’ straight after.

Heads were bopping, bodies were grooving and smiles were spreading as ‘Greatest Hits’ captured the crowd’s affection. The band was exuberating so much energy that it was simply impossible not to dance. After clearing more tracks off ‘Radlands’, the track ‘Sister Everett’ caught much attention with its seamless guitar riffs and Kapil Trivedi’s funky drum beats.

Once again proving they still had it in them, the Jets played tracks off album ‘Twenty One’ with crowd-favorite ‘Young Love’ being the best of the rest. Sounding exactly like a record playback, with the exception of bubbly Laura Marling’s backing, you could simply tell that Singapore was loving the ride with the Mystery Jets.

In what seemed to be their last song, the Mystery Jets did indeed give a rendition of ‘Lost in Austin’ worthy of closing the night. It was a heart-felt performance from front man Blaine, as you could feel the raw emotion in each word he sang as the crowd joined in the chorus with; “Take me to the edge. I’m not scared. And if we fall off, it doesn’t matter. We’ll do it all again.

It would have been a great way to end the night, a statement if you may that the   Mystery   Jets are still up and rocking, despite recently moving to yep you guessed it, Austin, Texas. Many would not have gambled on such a continent crossover but Mystery Jets proved that it was a gamble that they were not afraid to take.

However, the Jets did not want to end the night at ‘great’. They wanted to end it at ‘perfect’.

Returning for a 3-hit encore; which included the ever fabulous and popular ‘Two Doors  Down’, these Jets sure played their hearts out and closed with the soothing number ‘Luminescence’ that left the crowd applauding and giving the boys from Eel Pie Island much Singaporean love they deserve.

It was truly a memorable night for many; a rare honor to witness one of London’s finest on our shores. It was a night nothing short of special and heart-felt. The Mystery Jets has certainly got all of us buzzing!

Someone Purer
Greatest Hits
The Hale Bop
The Nothing
Dreaming of Another World
Sister Everett
Veiled in Grey
Young Love
Lost In Austin

Flash a Hungry Smile
Two Doors Down