Kyle Patrick, frontman of the Click 5, was in Singapore to perform at the MTV Sessions – a multiplatform music series for artistes to perform for the audience in an intimate setting. The third installment of MTV Sessions was held on Wednesday (15 Aug) at Resort World Sand’s Waterfront Studio and  his melodious crooning left fans gasping for more.

Skii got to interview Kyle with 2 others. Kyle revealed how much he loves Singapore and this is actually his 8th time back in town! Must-haves when he is in Singapore include Bak Kut Teh, Satay, Chilli Stingray and Chilli Crab and visiting Haji Lane. Most importantly, he loves the people and fans who spoil him with smiles and gifts. Unlike some American stars, he is not about to come to an Asian country to continue doing ‘American things’, the point of it all is to experience different cultures.

It is therapeutic for him to iron in his own clothes, drink tea and be alone before any performances to make sure he is able to invent new things to please the crowd. As can be seen from this fact, he does take his music seriously, and wants to do his own thing. Kyle is not just another boy in a boyband!

Kyle likes improving and reinventing himself. He hates the feeling of stagnation which could be attributed to his hyperactivity/ADHD condition. When he was younger, he was on a cocktail of prescription pills such as adderall and ambient sleeping pills to combat ADHD. All that is a thing of the past, this charming crooner does not need those drugs to win the hearts of his fans.

One would hardly imagine that this lanky boy was actually 5′ 3″ before, and over one summer, he actually had a growth spurt of 8 inches which left him at a height of 6′ 4″! Kyle has much drive, as evinced by his athletic past where he ran marathons and was the captain of the baseball team. This drive comes through in his music and we are sure his talent will continue to shine.