Either she really wants the sixth Number 1 record off Teenage Dream, or she’s singing in pain at her split with Russell Brand. Still, this is one heck of an acoustic version.

Katy Perry’s not having much success with her current single “The One That Got Away”. Firstly, it’s soppy. Who puts a soppy song at #1 on the charts? It’s been hovering in the top 10, with a B.O.B remix pushing it to #3 before dropping now to #6. Secondly, she’s produced so many weird-a** tracks that going back to a ballad is not the best strategy – remember “Thinking Of You”? Thirdly, she’s not really that great of a singer, with her album sounding more of an Auto-Tune trip.

But this acoustic could change everything.

Clearly, something was abuzz when the single started popping back on the YouTube charts post-Russell. That’s right: the track finally meant something. Other than being another ballad from an ex, the song sounded so similar to what Katy was experiencing that we wonder if it was just fate or coincidence that the song was released at that time. Now that the single’s being appreciated more for its backstory, Katy’s finally pushing to get to the top. She has already matched the late Michael Jackson’s album bad for getting five #1 singles in an album.

She takes away all the backing vocals and other accent tracks embellishing the song and just goes with the basics in this track and sounds much more soulful. Take a listen and you can clearly tell she is singing from somewhere that’s been hurt. No clue if this was made before or after her split, but hey, if she’s not singing from marital woes, she’s singing from – you know – those kinds of monthly woes. At some parts though, her soulful turns sound too melodic, which seem to suggest that she’s holding back on what could be a raw, emotional performance.

Her drawls in the first verse are her most vulnerable but the guitar somehow masks the emotion from being fully fleshed out. It’s strange, because acoustics normally have an opposite effect: when the guitar is picked. The strum gets stronger in the first chorus and destroys her full emotion but this is definitely a good rendition from on-pitch Katy, who is usually horrendous on stage and in live performances.

Have a listen below and let us know what you think.