Sometimes, the best-laid plans go to waste. While other times, it is the unplanned that creates the most poignant magic. We’d like to think Lunarin’s latest acoustic effort, The Midas Sessions, falls into the latter category.

 Originally intended to be a short EP consisting B-sides, the fact that the record has bloomed into a full-length album (and now includes earlier works re-imagined) is most definitely a treat for long time fans and acoustic connoisseurs alike. The Midas Sessions is a ten-track gem filled with melodic bliss and quiet intensity from Singapore’s premiere prog-rock trio.

Album opener “Ghost” instantly reels you in with its hypnotic strumming and singer Linda Ong’s almost lullaby-like cooing. The addition of strings midway through the song lends much-welcomed grandiose as well. Not too much but just enough – powerful stuff.

“Right Of Sleep” keeps the momentum going with its rock-tinged hook and earnest delivery. A great choice for the lead single, it is an attention-grabber and the song you’d most likely go back to on second listen for its sheer catchiness.

  Of the older songs from previous releases Duae and The Chrysalis, the renditions were more of a hit and miss from the band. While “Zero Point Red” retains its metal majesty, “Midas” unfortunately feels somewhat lost in acoustic translation.

Lunarin ends the album strong however with the penultimate seven-minute odyssey that is “Serpentine” and finally, the gorgeous musical soundscape of “Isobel”.

  All in all, The Midas Sessionsserves as a wonderful addition to Lunarin’s burgeoning album catalogue and a testament to their music-making prowess. While the trio is certainly used to rocking out, they’ve showed that even when they’re all stripped down, they still have the ability to captivate.

Verdict: 4/5

  Highly recommended for all fans of good music and especially naysayers who say Singapore bands are incapable of producing great music. Check them out live right here!

Till then… MrMrsRavenous out!