Now, when gigs say they’ll start at a stipulated time, never, I repeat, never work yourself into a sweat, panic and pump the pavement, weaving in and out of the crowd like a mad man while snarling. Because after all your fancy footwork, you’ll find the band still doing sound checks and enjoying a spritzer or two!

But the Cosa Nostra duo composed of Funk Bast*rd and producer/saxophonist Kaye did it all with good intention. They invariably warmed up the crowd that was fast filling the floor with their cosmic beats and deep grooves. Their musical spectrum spanning the expanses of boogie, hip-hop, afro-beats and bass, had everyone jiving and their heads bopping t0 the rapt atmosphere.

So there we were, standing by the outskirts of the crowd, trying to find a way through with our drinks when a tall, gangling dude slinked past us to the VIP area. No prizes for guessing who: It was the man, Jamie Smith himself! He acted very much like how they describe him in interviews: painfully shy but adorable. He was dressed plainly in a nondescript black shirt and jeans. A thin chain glinted on his neck but the amount of swag he had, had nothing on his threads! The moment he came up on the decks behind the DJ console, the crowd went wild cheering and screaming. 22 year old Jamie xx, allowed himself a small smile.

Helming the decks as if he’d been doing so all his life, he pretty soon had the whole room crackling with electricity – his metallic beats interweaving with haunting voices and glitchy spins to concoct one evocative sound. Listening to him work that spin table was akin to traveling through the starry Milky Way! And watching him, was another thing altogether.