Slow Club is indie folk duo from Sheffield, England. The pair is made out of Charles Watson (vocals and guitar) and Rebecca Taylor (vocals, guitar and percussion).

The couple currently only has 1 album, Yeah So, released in the July of 2009 and another album, Paradise, planned to hit the record stores September this year.

I happened to chanced upon this absolutely lovely band when a friend of mine shared one of their songs on Facebook. I hate to say this but I fell in love with their sound instantly.

The duet provides a unique brand of lyrics that gives you a new inside to life itself, lyrics that will make you accept the sadness and harshness of life with the bravest smile on your face.

One of the most saddest high energy songs I have ever laid my ears upon.

I will just point out the most beautiful part of the song.
It’s like your head is stuck in a tightening vise
Your ears are deaf to your friends’ advice
Because you know that your heart will never be full
It doesn’t always have to be beautiful
Unless its beautiful

‘Cause I’m always thinking, thinking about where you are
Who you’re with and if your mind is far
From what we do when we’re alone
Love is too much for me and now the wall needs to grow

Another favourite of mine is “Sorry for the Doom”. The lady of the two sings alone in this.

Simple yet elegantly
we spend our time looking for which one fits best
and in the morning I am waking and I’m wondering how it’s me who ended up like this?
cause I’m the one who said it would be easy
now I’m the one who’s feeling worst
cause I agreed that i would never be put first

I highly recommend them to anyone with a heart.

Written by: Perry Felix Shen

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