The Head and The Heart is a newly formed indie-folk band from insomniac city of Seattle, Washington. They are the epitome of an indie band, having opened for many giants of the indie world. Vampire Weekend, The Walkmen, Death Cab for Cutie, Iron & Wine, The Low Anthem. They finally broke the eternal struggle of being an opening act by performing on Conan 21st April this year.

Their self titled album The Head and The Heart features 10 songs and including their 3 main hits Lost in My Mind, Down in the Valley and Cats & Dogs. Each song averaging 100,000 views on Youtube.

I personally love their rusty indie folk acoustic style and their raw metaphoric lyrics. Song lyrics are meant to be metaphoric and nowadays, the songs populating the top 20 are getting more and more literal. “Every day I am shuffling”? Seriously?

They are the band that will accompany you through rainy days, sadness and painful heartbreaks. Their music will make you tear as you explore feelings you never knew you were hiding. They are that friend you call up at 3am to weep your sorrows and they will never ignore your call. I recommend that you always keep them in your Itunes. We all need a back-up friend.

On a final note, if I imagine this fantasy world where bands can mate and reproduce and form more awesome baby bands, this will be the love child of Mumford and Sons and Bon Iver.

Written by: Perry Felix Shen