Formed in 2006, The Chakras is an Irish alternative rock band from Dublin, Ireland.

With an album due to be released this summer, the band has already performed in established Europe Festivals including Latitude & Oxegen. The Chakras is composed of Rocky Whittaker (lead vocals), Richie McArdle (guitar), Gordo Whittaker (guitar, backing vocals), Ian Kane (bass guitar, backing vocals) and Bryan Pepper (piano, rhodes, glockenspiel, harmonium).

Their heavy use of reverb, pitch shifting and distortion has caused them to be likened to bands like The Verve and My Bloody Valentine. I assure you, their lightweight swirling sounds will sink slowly but surely into your heart long after listening.

“There are certain rules to recording in that you don’t use too much of this effect or you have to follow the verse-chorus-structure, but right from the start we wanted to dive headfirst in the opposite direction and really discover what you can and cannot get away with. Thats much more interesting to us” – Rocky Whittaker

Ambitious, adventurous music makers that are quietly working their way towards the charts, I dare say they have what it takes to become the next big thing in alternative rock. Working with Chris Potter who has worked with legends like The Verve and The Rolling Stones, it can only mean unbeatable tunes coming our way this summer.

Released tracks include “We The People” (video above), “Build Me A Swan”, “The First Thing We Learn Is To Follow” and “Slowdive”.

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