Britney Spears finally makes her return with ‘Femme Fatale’ and she doesn’t disappoint!

A few tracks are a hit & miss (coughbigfatbasscough) but Britney isn’t about to let that spoil the entire album.

Still debating whether you should buy this album? Well, read on to find out what this author thinks of the album! ,)

It is a well-known fact that Britney’s singing and dancing isn’t what it used to be. It would be considered delusional to think that Britney doesn’t lip-sync during her performances but Britney’s stage presence is still there and stronger than ever. What about her album though? Does it live up to the hype? Or is Femme Fatale’ another Circus’?

‘Femme Fatale’ starts off with ‘Till The World Ends, a fan favourite. ‘Till The World Ends’, a club beat, exudes sexiness and confidence. The first track on the album, TTWE comes out as a strong and catchy beat as if promising the album is going to be just as  great. It’s not lying!

‘Hold It Against Me’, or HIAM for short, was Britney’s first single off ‘Femme Fatale’. You must have heard it at least 20 times on the radio, MTV, Channel [V] and might have even found it in your DAD‘s phone! (Who knows? He might actually be a big fan of Britney!)

When HIAM was first released, it garnered lukewarm reactions from most of the music listening crowd. Her fans, however, loved every bit of it: from the ‘dubstep’ breakdown halfway through the song to the video itself. With catchy lyrics (‘cos you feel like paradise / and I need a vacation tonight), HIAM easily becomes a clubbing hit amongst many. However, HIAM pales in comparison to (much) better songs on the album.

‘Inside Out’ comes right after HIAM and it almost feels like the track is picking up the slack. ‘Inside Out’ is easily one of the best songs on the album not taking into account the Deluxe Edition. Together with ‘I Wanna Go’, ‘(Drop Dead) Beautiful’‘Seal With It A Kiss’, ‘Trip To Your Heart’, ‘Gasoline’ and ‘Criminal’, Britney and her production company seems to know its market well.

There is one track that deserves special mention and not in a good way either.

‘Big Fat Bass’ is undoubtedly the worst track on FF. starts off the song repeating the track name at least five times (auto-tuned no less) followed by a nasal-sounding Britney singing: I can be the treble baby / You can be the bass. Now all you need to do is imagine these lyrics paired with’s part repeating itself throughout the song. has certainly made his mark on her album with his shoddy songwriting “skills”. The beat to the song itself is catchy (like most BEP songs) but after a few more listens,’s auto-tuned voice would start grating on your nerves. Easily one of the worse tracks Britney has put out.

What’s worse is that ‘Big Fat Bass’ has been lined up as Britney’s third single.

On a happier note, like many of Britney’s previous albums, the Deluxe Edition comes with four new tracks and none of them disappoint. Each of these tracks truly brings out Britney’s talent in singing (after some altering to her voice of course). A personal favourite of mine is ‘Selfish’ simply because you can hear her Southern drawl spilling over.


Well, what are you waiting for? The album was released last week on March 29 and is currently available at most music stores! Grab your own copy now!

My score: 4 / 5 stars

Femme Fatale Tracklist:

  1. “Till The World Ends”
  2. “Hold It Against Me”
  3. “Inside Out”
  4. “I Wanna Go”
  5. “How I Roll”
  6. “(Drop Dead) Beautiful” featuring Sabi
  7. “Seal It With A Kiss”
  8. “Big Fat Bass”
  9. “Trouble For Me”
  10. “Trip To Your Heart”
  11. “Gasoline”
  12. “Criminal”

Deluxe Edition:

  1. “Up N’ Down”
  2. “He About To Lose Me”
  3. “Selfish”
  4. “Don’t Keep Me Waiting”