The Inspired Chef boasts premium, artisanal ice cream that is handcrafted by Singapore’s own celebrity chefs (as of now; word on the street is that we are likely getting new flavours from foreign celebrity chefs as well), delivered right to your doorstep. Let us break down what this means for you.

Premium: made from the best and freshest ingredients, no preservatives added.

Artisanal: fancy word that just means you’re getting some atas one-of-a-kind artistically made products.

Handcrafted by celebrity chefs: for the spoiled brat in you/your life

Delivered right to your doorstep: no more melted ice cream! No more pretending to look ladylike while pigging out on frozen goodness from the tub. Or if you’re into pretentious parties then yay! Now you have premium, artisanal, handcrafted ice cream to make artistic, over-the-top desserts with.

Okay I know what everyone is waiting for. The flavours—currently there are four. You can check out their website for what exactly goes into these ice-creams, but I think their names are pretty self-explanatory, so I’ll just go straight into my personal review for the flavours.

The Superlatives:

Flavour that I could eat for, like, ever: KK Pang (Antoinette)’s Raspberry Cheesecake Rumble

Most artistically orgasmic flavour/flavour that will have you feel like a million bucks: Janice Wong (2am:dessert bar)’s Popcorn Caramel Avalanche

Flavour that will get even non-ice-cream-fans wanting more: Willin Low (Wild Rocket)’s Double Peanut Fudge

For the chocolate lover: Daniel Tay (Bakerzin)’s Divine Chocolate Tart

These decadent babies are now available on their online boutique store at at S$14.90 per pint.  A minimum purchase of two pints per order is required, and delivery charges apply.  Then on delivery day, you’ll get a ding-dong from a (possibly tall, hot, handsome) Signature Delivery Representative and find your orders delicately packed in exquisite pint boxes with metal spoons and serviettes.

Alternatively, head down to any of these 4 chefs’ restaurants/cafes come mid-September, to try their desserts made with their respective ice cream creations.  We got to try all 8 desserts (2 each by our four awesome chefs) at the media tasting held at 7Adam Park.  Oh, mon dieu.  I wish I had, like, 20 stomachs.  My newfound aspiration is to marry a chef.  Personal favourites: Willin’s Double Peanut Fudge Cheesecake with Lingoberry Confit and also the Double Peanut Fudge Parfait with Gong Tng Flakes and Roasted Nuts; Janice’s Warm Popcorn Cloud Salted Caramel Chocolate Creameux and Sweet Salty Popcorn Passionfruit Yuzu Sorbet; and Pang’s Empire Toast.  Seriously, just go try them all.  (My blatant preference for Willin and Janice’s desserts are completely based on personal tastes—all 8 desserts were excellent.)


Launched in Singapore on 28 August 2013 by Fraser and Neave (F&N), The Inspired Chef is an artisanal ice cream brand designed to provide a first-of-its-kind ice cream experience for consumers.

For those who like juicy drama bits: Jeffery Ng (Business Development Manager, F&N Creameries Singapore) and the four chefs now appear to have intimate relationships because of their close partnerships.  A lot of hours and hard work went into perfecting the flavours, and this is quite apparent judging from the quality of the ice creams.  Anyway, at some point during the media Q&A, Pang cheekily joked that his final creation was not his personal favourite out of all initial flavours submitted to the tasting panel, hinting at some of the restrictions of such collaborations.  And Daniel Tay didn’t get the final say in naming his ice cream either (he was going to name it after his niece who had just lost her father, but got the big no-no from Jeffery Ng) :( .  All this was shared in good humour, and it was a truly hilarious media session.  Totally looking forward to more flavours by these four chefs.

Check out our photos from the media tasting here

TLDR: Go buy four pints of ice cream from The Inspired Chef at