As the days of October pass us by, the looming spectre of Halloween grows ever greater. As any good Rocky Horror fan will tell you — time is fleeting, and it’s high time to decide on a party costume.

The time has come to lipsync for your life choose between a tacky overpriced rental, or actually have a shot at winning best dressed of the night.

A smokey eye and red lip does not a vampire make. But all is not lost. Conquer the night with these satirical looks that draw from none other than Singapore’s dystopian zeitgeist. Now go forth and get lit like a pumpkin.

#1: PMD Rider


Here’s an idea for the next iteration of Halloween Horror Nights: a Personal Mobility Device (PMD) horror house featuring blind spots, narrow pathways and scare actors speeding around with loud music.

Grab (lol) your nearest PMD, a clip-on Bluetooth speaker, jam out to this amazing techno playlist on Spotify.

Assuming you have a rear view mirror attached (we hope you do), look into it and repeat, “We have the existing infrastructure to be a modern transport hub,” three times for good luck.

Group option: More is more. Round up your boys for a night of road safety.

#2: Scarlett Johansson


Scarlett Johansson in Ghost in The Shell

Exorcise your post-colonial shadow by serving (meta) theatricality. Write Scarlet’s name on a tag and pin it on whatever you’re already wearing.

You’re now a multi-million-dollar-earning, Caucasian, A-List Hollywood actress. Stay in character while being your comfortable self all night.

Direct all questions to your publicist. Perfect for introverts who have been dragged to a Halloween party.

Group option: +1 as publicist.

#3: The Straits Times Comment Section

Screenshot 2019-10-16 at 4.55.16 PM

Hello, Polis? How Can Dis B Allow?

The terrifyingly bizarre voices from our cosmopolitan city-state, now in A0 size. Need inspiration? Look at the OG Facebook Page here for the best ones.

Group option: Your squad goes as a full comment thread.

#4: University Molester/Peeping Tom


The real question here is which one.

Try going with the obvious nondescript face mask look — if anyone mistakes your costume to be a that of a protester, remind them Singapore does not tolerate dissent.

Group option: Dress your friends up as the GPA Transcript and a CV.
Bigger group option: Lynch mob.

#5: The Brown Face, NETS E-Payment Ad

Epay ad

We’re kidding. Just don’t. Ever.

Group option: Respect everyone. Period.

#6: Single-use Plastics


If you frequently like to refer to yourself as ‘trash’, this may be an easy look for you. Make Greta Thunberg proud by using your body to make a stand against global warming. Just go as yourself.

Group option: You and your friends join forces as a landfill.

Bonus idea: Go as a turtle with a straw up your nose.

Happy trick or treating!


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