A feline and celluloid is not a combination you see often, but NTU’s Cat Management Network (NTUCMN) has leveraged on the silver screen to increase one of its cats’ chances of being adopted — by creating movie posters featuring Eve, a domestic shorthair Tabby.

Wanting to tell Eve’s story in a captivating manner, NTUCMN spent a few days last week snapping shots of Eve, working on typography and designing the posters.

The posters’ design and tagline ‘Bring Her Home’ was inspired from The Martian, said Yvette Lim Yu, Publicity and Publications Director for NTUCMN. “The tagline just came to us. We wanted someone to bring Eve home,” added Yvette.

Photo: NTU Cat Management Network/Facebook

Photo: NTU Cat Management Network/Facebook


Photo: NTU Cat Management Network/Facebook

Photo: NTU Cat Management Network/Facebook

In February, NTUCMN was notified via email and on Instagram that a new cat was spotted between the Art, Design and Media building and NTU Hall of Residence 2. A few days later, members of the student-run network found Eve.

Eve was sent for a microchip scan to identify her registered caretaker, who was a Full-time National Serviceman, based in Clementi Camp.

Since this was not the first time a cat was abandoned on campus, NTUCMN made a police report. After the police report was published on the network’s Facebook page and Eve’s caretaker was found, those who left Eve on campus approached NTUCMN to tell their account, published in NTUCMN’s blog.

Photo: NTU Cat Management Network/Facebook

Photo: NTU Cat Management Network/Facebook

Known as Stirfry in Clementi Camp, Eve was a mother to three kittens. Full-time National Servicemen, who were stationed with the units based in Clementi Camp, took care of the felines.

Meanwhile, another National Serviceman was tasked to find an adopter for Eve and her kittens. The same National Serviceman’s sister, an NTU student who lived on campus, took Eve and her kittens in.

She sent the kittens for adoption when they were no longer dependent on their mother. NTU prohibits on-campus residents from keeping pets and animals.

The student did not formally put Eve up for adoption because she believed the cat was independent and was unable to be adopted. She emailed NTUCMN on 10 Feb to inform the network about Eve. In its blog, NTUCMN said they believed that the National Serviceman and his sister had good intentions.

The network suggested a better solution would have been to approach the Cat Welfare Society, which would have recognised that Eve was under the Stray Cat Sterilization Programme. Clementi Camp could also have set up a Trap-Neute-Return-Manage Programme.

“Instead, Eve ended up in NTU, wandering around the campus in a bewildered and confused state,” said NTUCMN on their blog.

Eve has been under the foster care of one of NTUCMN’s staff advisors, Ronald Anthony Lin, since March. The cat was also taken to a couple of adoption drives, such as one organised by the Cat Welfare Society.

Photo: NTU Cat Management Network/Facebook

Photo: NTU Cat Management Network/Facebook

Over the months, Eve has warmed up to familiar faces in NTUCMN and she exhibits several endearing quirks.

“You can get her to jump by gesturing with your hands- just move your fingers, pretend that it’s a toy and she’ll jump trying to grab your fingers,” said Ronald.

The cat waits outside Ronald’s bedroom every morning and likes chin rubs, cuddles and pats from people she is familiar with. Eve enjoys following Ronald around the house and she loves to play with plastic bags. Within six months, Eve was the eighth new cat that has appeared on campus.

NTUCMN has put forth that “dropping off” cats in NTU is an irresponsible act that is unsafe for the cats and puts a lot of strain on the network’s resources.

“People wrongly assume that their cats would be safe here because we exist. Their pet cats would be safer at home than outside,” said Yvette. “Cats have died in traffic accidents and some have gone missing because we failed to integrate them into the feline population.”

The network made the police report and published it on its Facebook page to show that NTUCMN does not take cat abandonment lightly. “If we find abandoned pets in NTU we will take the necessary action to ensure that those who abandoned their pets be punished under the law,” said Yvette.

NTUCMN reiterates that it is not a shelter. Due to limited resources and manpower, the network is unable to care for all cats that appear on campus. It is a resource-intensive process to monitor the cats’ whereabouts, to prevent conflict between cats and to allocate feeders, NTUCMN said on their blog. The network is run by NTU students who have heavy academic and co-curricular commitments.

Nevertheless, NTUCMN is hoping to find Eve a permanent home. Five cats and kittens were put up for adoption in the last academic year and all of them were adopted.

If you would like to adopt Eve, contact NTUCMN via email at [email protected]


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