Is blogger Han Hui Hui posing as another person online after her recent run-in with Singapore authorities?

We’ll let you be the judge of that, after watching this video of a certain Ms Huii Ying speaking of a damsel who disappeared from the public eye on March 21, one month on:

“This is my random webseries. Any similarity to real life people is coincidence,” wrote Ms Huii Ying on a blog post accompanying this video.

Ms Huii Ying even said that the damsel had faced a United Nations intervention, similar to a UN Human Rights report released on someone that looks similar to her.

While the link on whether she is referring to her doppelganger — blogger Ms Han Hui Hui — is circumspect, a check on Ms Han’s Facebook page revealed that the last blog post she made was on March 21, the same day Ms Huii Ying said a certain damsel disappeared.

In the blog post, Ms Han recounted her blog’s decade-long journey through poetry, saying in a stanza:

“Things have changed the past decade
Now people mock you and throw shade
Ego is big and jealousy is high
I’ve gotta tolerate to keep my head high.”

March 21 was also the last day Ms Han posted on her Facebook page, with a Facebook profile photo of her and several people wearing face masks with the cross sign plastered on them.

Ms Han apologised last month for posting “contemptuous posts”, according to the Attorney-General’s Chambers, of allegedly scandalising the Singapore courts and accusing them of being politically motivated in sentencing her because of a protest incident in Hong Lim Park.

The Independent Singapore later reported that Ms Han had left Singapore to seek asylum in a foreign country, based on only one source: president of human rights group MARUAH, Mr Leong Sze Hian.

Live Facebook videos from her doppelganger Ms Huii Ying showed her eating at places in Singapore, especially in eateries around the Holland Village area.

The resemblance with Ms Han and Ms Huii Ying seems a bit too uncanny, but Ms Huii Ying suggested in her video that the damsel in question may have left the public eye for a specific reason.

“Will her supporters continue defending her during this period of time while she is recuperating?” she said.


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