Have famous influencers forgotten where they began?

That is the question a spokesperson from agency Faves Asia said to Popspoken Tuesday, after established “influencers” such as Xiaxue and Tan Jian Hao took part in a video by social media company Clicknetwork spoofing a critically-panned Faves Asia video on social media influencers.

The video, among several other spoof videos that have emerged, can be watched below:

Faves Asia’s spokesperson said the video altered the company’s original slogan from “Uncovering Rising Personalities Across Asia” to “Uncovering Wannabe Influencers Across Asia”.

“So, they’ve just officially labeled all the smaller influencers whom sincerely wants to grow, creating content and contributing to the society as wannabes,” the spokesperson said.

Spoof faves Asia - Popspoken

The spokesperson called for Clicknetwork and the influencers in the video to issue a public apology “especially to all the micro-influencers nationwide”, noting that Faves Asia had already taken down their video and issued an apology.

“Everyone today started being small, years back,” the spokesperson said. “We should give the micro-influencers our support, not kill their dreams or call them names, shouldn’t we?


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Photo: clicknetwork/YouTube screengrab

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