This reaction to Donald Trump’s win in the US Presidential Election was reposted from the author’s Facebook status update.

I’ve not reacted as much since the Donald Trump win because I wanted to understand why this happened.

The proof of the pudding lies in disenfranchised middle-class (sound familiar, Brexit?) Americans who have been hurt badly because of rising medical insurance premiums and manufacturing jobs being outsourced to countries with free-trade agreements.

And while innovation and retraining have been key aspects of the Obama campaign (sound familiar, Singapore?), it seems many Americans cannot wait anymore and want their jobs back.

This story was rarely found in any of the mainstream media in America – a group of tightly-knit organisations that bashed Trump so much, it failed to give a balanced view of the elections. Had Donald Trump’s lead been noted early on by the media, would Americans have voted differently?

So, we have a few things to fix here: jobs, wages, putting food on the table. Trump’s winning speech was unlike his other speeches: taking the high road, choosing unity over divisiveness.

Is it too early to call for a man who has said so many things that his staffers have to take over his Twitter account? We’ll have to wait and see.

But in the spirit of elections, one thing remains certain: You can create your own future. It is in your hands.

It is in your hands when a Singapore prime minister decides to change constitution at his whims and fancies and uses his privilege to create “equality” for presidents here when it reeks of mere tokenism.

It is in your hands when The Western Co. decides that the business is holier-than-thou, and proceeds not to clear its backdoor after its expose.

It is in your hands when we as a movement (especially among us young people) decide to put our hands together and create the change we desire.

I do it in simple ways. I am in a university where there is an active Christian community but they choose to accept me – a gay brown man – without questioning my beliefs. And neither do I question theirs. We learn to cooperate in the shared space.

We all will come with different beliefs, but what is important is that no matter where we are, we see everyone else – outside of the Facebook echo chamber – and learn to love the other person, before our differences become modes of attack.

So take this time today: embrace your loved ones. Tell them how much they are valued for the great things they do. And embrace those that are different from us and help them along their road to greatness, because#lovetrumpshate.

Together, we can all create something that will make everyone great again. No divisiveness, just togetherness.


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