Just when you thought that people were slowly getting over the hype that is Pokémon GO, Pokémon fans in Singapore are now in for yet another treat.

Following its immense success at Shibuya last year, PARCO (Singapore) has decided to bring the Pokémon cafe to Singapore as well for a limited period of time. This is the first Pokémon cafe in Southeast Asia.

pokemon cafe main

While the Pokémon cafe opens this end May at Bugis Junction, it comes in the midst of the launch of Singapore’s first Hello-Kitty themed cafe (launched May 12), as well as well as Sanrio’s Pompompurin cafe (launched Apr 18), bringing the count of such cafes in Singapore to 8 different eateries.

Photo: Pompompurin Cafe Singapore Facebook

Photo: Hello Kitty Cafe Singapore Facebook

Other cartoon-themed cafes in Singapore include the likes of “The Little Prince Creamery” and the “Charlie Brown Cafe“, with the names of these cafes being quite self explanatory.

Glancing at these figures, you’d think that the competition among these cafes would be pretty severe, with the different owners struggling to keep their business alive.

Yet, the hype and popularity of these cafes remain relevant today, with the “Charlie Brown Cafe” opening up its second outlet in OneKM mall last year. The quick successive opening of three differently themed cafes also speaks for the industry, proving that there is yet potential for such ventures in Singapore.

charlie brown cafe

Photo from Charlie Brown Cafe’s facebook

But what does this trend mean for Singapore?

Perhaps we are not just simply the lifeless, proletariat society we sometimes make ourselves out to be after all. Perhaps despite being caught up in the hustle of working and studying life, we still somehow manage to hold on to our inner fanboy / fangirl instincts, putting aside time to remind ourselves what it was like being a child.

It is a comforting thought that amidst our hectic schedules, we still retain a sense of wonder and excitement within us.

Thanks to these cafes, we can literally re-visit our childhoods all over again.

Hopefully our child-likeness will be something we never lose.

The Pokemon Cafe opens in Bugis Junction, 4th floor from 27th May to 31st July.


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