[UPDATED article dated May 9, 2015, 3.22pm]

A spokesperson from Goody Feed Pte Ltd has clarified with Popspoken that the Today Up Feed website is a cloned website of Goody Feed “and we are in no way responsible or related to Today Up Feed’s website and Facebook page.”

“We humbly request that you assist to retract your statement on the “suspected” link between both sites, and clarify it to the readers as we are not responsible for the security or safety of visiting Today Up Feed,” said the spokesperson.

Goody Feed has posted a similar response on their Facebook page. In a reply to Popspoken whether the company is taking any action towards Today Up Feed or working with Facebook to remove the ban on the publisher’s outbound links to their site, the spokesperson said, “We are currently working on the issue and trying our best to resolve the situation”.

[Original article dated May 9, 2015, 1.33pm]

We’re not sure if this adds up, but you do the math.

Last Wednesday, it was reported that Facebook had rendered all outbound links to online publisher Goody Feed invalid, after speculation arose that a social like gate plugin had forced readers of the site to like their Facebook page before being allowed to read an article.

The site is notorious for producing listicles on a wide array of topics, as illustrated by this TreePotatoes video:

Well, now it seems that Goody Feed – the brainchild of author Low Kay Hwa – has seem to evolved into a new site: Today Up Feed.


The new site shares the same logo as the Goody Feed website and currently has some 22,900 likes on its Facebook page as of press time. Both publishers also share the same Facebook cover photo:


A check on the Facebook page of Today Up Feed reveals the page’s profile picture was uploaded an April 27, just a few days before reports surfaced of Goodyfeed’s demise. However, the website’s posts date as far back as June 30 last year.

Today Up Feed’s site does not have a social like plugin and all articles can be read freely.

There is no indication on the About and Contact pages of Today Up Feed if the site is related to Goody Feed or Low Kay Hwa but the source code of Today Up Feed reveals several nuggets of information linking these properties up, such as a Taboola content recommendation widget with Goody Feed’s name in it.


On the About page, the Facebook comment section is empty but a check on the source code reveals an archive of a comment left by Chan Lin Chong written on December 28, 2014 addressed to Low Kay Hwa.


There is no indication as to when exactly Today Up Feed started operations, but its About page says that the site has plans to expand internationally “within the next three years” and claims to receive over six million pageviews per month. (Which is funny, because that is exactly what is on Goody Feed’s About page.)

We’re not so sure if the numbers and dates add up here, but if all else fails, there’s already a listicle of top listicles that have been read on Today Up Feed. That listicle is a complete copy of a listicle that is on Goody Feed. Go figure.

Featured image: Facebook/Today Up Feed

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