A smile can go a long way. Especially so, in the service industry.

Well-loved as the indie, hipster district of Singapore; Tiong Bahru’s business owners are always keen to break new ground. This time, they have banded together to kickstart a campaign promoting and honouring good service in their cosy enclave.

Jay, from Tiong Bahru Bakery knows just that as he chirps, “I just enjoy cheering people up and making a difference”. Having begun his Spa Espirit career around 5 years ago at [email protected], he could be said to be a veteran in the service industry. At times, the long hours take a toil on his body, so even though the mind is willing the body is weak. That doesn’t daunt him though, as his love for customer welfare keeps his passion going strong.

Dough & Grains has to be the coolest kid on the block with its award-winning, herb-infused bread. Tasty and full of medicinal value, the owner is big on using quality ingredients such as unbleached floor and black sugar which aids in blood circulation. Without all the artifical ingredients, the bread on display at her short front is a permanent fixture – mouldless, and still pristinely white – amazing!

Bread that has been left on display for a year. Still no mould.

Bread that has been left on display for a year. Still no mould.

Having been through a bout of cancer 4 years ago, Coreen Wong (owner of Dough & Grains), personally experienced the wonders of Traditoinal Chinese Medicine and would like to share the goodness with the masses. Bread from Dough & Grains is flavoured with wholesome ingredients. Their creations include Wolfberry Chrysanthemum ($1.90), Homemade Sweet Potato ($1.70), Black Pearl ($1.90) and more.

Venture further, and you would have walked into a laidback hideout where Tiong Bahru residents spend their nights chilling and unwinding after work with pints of ice-cold chilly beer. Dubbed as the “neighbourhood bar”, residents stay till late playing the games she has at her ‘hood’.

At the ‘Backdoor’ of Dough & Grains

At the ‘Backdoor’ of Dough & Grains

Tiong Bahru market is bustling with activity. Most of the hawkers here have been around since a generation ago, having taken over their parents’ business. As this fruit-stall uncle reveals, “Old customers come back to us and we go the extra mile and provide additional service such as helping them bring [the fruits] to their car“.


Wangz Hotel is a boutique hotel tucked away at the corner of Tiong Bahru which puts an emphasis on personalized service. Wangz Hotel’s general manager tells us that they even staged a private marriage proposal once! That would probably be the most challenging aspect of their job, having to source for items to suit their clients’ demands. From rose petals, to candles and even tougher requests like heaters – Wangz Hotel‘s staff are trained to give it their all and do it with a smile.

What is unique about Hotel Wangz is there is little hierachy amongst staff. Even the top management (e.g. Director of Sales and Marketing) would make rounds during the buffet breakfast to chat with guests. Hospitality is their distinguishing factor which no wonder they have many return clients and corporate guests who rely on referrals to book their hotel.

Service with a smile – Wangz Hotel

Service with a smile – Wangz Hotel

Still clueless as to what the #HappinessServed campaign is about?

The campaign encourages customers to recognise good service via Instagram. From 7 to 22 September 2013, at the Tiong Bahru estate, join in the celebration and recognise their favourite service staff and businesses. The steps are simple:

  1. Visit any participating store in the neighbourhood
  2. Snap an image of the service staff who served you well
  3. Upload the image with the hashtag #HappinessServed:) and add the store’s geo-location on Instagram

#HappinessServed:) counters placed in participating stores will add up all the votes in real time, providing instant recognition to the businesses and service personnel for their outstanding service. Such would highlight the exceptional service levels of these local businesses and reinforce the need to build a culture of appreciation in Singapore. Customers without the Instagram application are also able to participate via the submission of physical voting slips located at various collection points on-site.

For more information on this campaign, please visit http://HappinessServed.sg or view the campaign video to learn more: http://youtu.be/Ph8gBhvMqAM.

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