You probably have heard the quote ‘when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life’ plenty of times. You might also cringe at every part of it if your impression of London is the Queen, Big Ben, Hyde Park and theatre shows.

You can never be more wrong.

London is a city bustling with energy, with never-ending list of exciting things to be done. You can always count on it to jazz up your travelling plans if you want to do more than just touristy stuff. If this city does not surprise you, that is because you are not doing it right there.


One does not necessarily have to watch a movie in a dark cinema setting and in London, the location where the film is being screened can be as exciting as the film itself.

Film and rooftop bar at Peckham Rye Bussey Building

Days are longer in summer and if you are lucky, there might be a few consecutive dry days. It is definitely a good time to enjoy the non-toxic sun in the not-too-hot London summer. Rather than sunbathing in Hyde Park, why not go to a rooftop bar?

A rooftop bar and restaurant on the 10th floor of the multi-storey car park in Peckham, Franks Cafe offers a stunning panoramic view to the city’s skyline.  The vibes there are so good; it is nailing it at 11/10.

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We are delighted to be open for summer 2017 from tonight! Kitchen opens from 5pm – Cocktails are being served right now! See you soon 🍹🍴

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On top of that, right beside Frank’s Café is an alfresco cinema setting by the Rooftop Film Club where they screen some of the classic and cult films in the summer days from May to September. What can be better than watching a movie against the backdrop of a vast sky? Something worthy of mention, they start the film at the time of sunset. Tickets must be pre-booked on .


Rooftop Film Club screening on Bussey Building’s rooftop

Apart from Bussey Building, Rooftop Film Club has another screening venue at Roof East.

Rooftop Film Club screening at Roof East

Rooftop Film Club @ Roof East

Roof East

Roof East, located on the roof of a multi-storey car park in Stratford, is a mix of rooftop bar, cinema and an urban park. It has urban lawn bowls, Rooftop Roller Disco and London’s only rooftop batting cages. Following the spirit of east London, the aesthetics are quirky and interesting. The whole space is a reminiscence of the colourful 80s with a touch of festivity. Entry to the space is free but if you wish to use their game facilities, tickets must be pre-booked on their website on .



Rooftop bar at Roof East in the day


Nothing strange is going on here, just a tree growing in a car.

Disco bowling lanes at Roof East

Bowling lanes with 80s-esque neon lights at Roof East


Nomad cinema

As per its self-explanatory name, the Nomad Cinema is a pop up cinema that is always roaming from one venue to another. It can go from being in the middle of skyscrapers at Moorgate to a lawn in St Paul’s Cathedral. This is definitely a better way to see another iconic tourist spot in London.

Screening at Citypoint in Moorgate

Deck chairs are provided for screening outside Citypoint in Moorgate

Now showing: Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo

Now showing: Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo

Rumour has it that the Brompton Cemetery is haunted (just like any other cemetery). Yet, that does not stop the Nomad Cinema from screening movies there. This venue will be reopened in 2018 and you can watch a film next to the tombs. Make sure you bring your own religious object along, well, just in case. Tickets must be pre-booked on .

Photo: Nomad Cinema official website, screening at Brompton Cemetery

How about a horror movie at the Brompton Cemetery? Photo: Nomad Cinema official website

Secret Cinema

Wrapping up summer 2017 with Moulin Rouge, the Secret Cinema offers movie-goers a full immersive cinema experience by transporting them to crica 1899 Montmartre. Films are brought to life in this secretive yet exciting rendevous. The location? It is a secret. Once you buy the ticket, your character and the details will be emailed to you. Make sure to dress your role, so to fully be in character that evening.

Being game enough to tackle cult classics, the organizers have teased the crowd with upcoming film being Steven Spielberg’s classic Jurassic Park. Details on .


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